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How well do you remember the iconic Bratz film? Take this trivia quiz to find out

Do you have Bratitude though?

August 3rd 2007 is the day the world changed forever. It wasn’t the day of a medical breakthrough, the birth of a Kardashian child or the invention of the next iPhone. But it was the day the live-action Bratz film was released and finally made our lives complete.

If Bratz wasn’t your fave film growing up, you’re lying to yourself. You absolutely had a gang of four girls, purely for the fact that you could each be one of Jade, Sasha, Cloe and Yasmin. You dreamed of the days your mum would let you put blue streaks in your hair like Jade and wear shoes like Yasmin, you wanted to be as cool as Sasha and have a nice boy like you like Cloe. But just how well do you remember seminal classic film, Bratz? Take this trivia quiz to find out – only one of the four Bratz girls would get full marks.

Take this Bratz film trivia quiz now:

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