How to get more matches on Tinder according to the most successful people using the app

‘Choose pictures that you feel great in and genuinely feel happy at the time’

Tinder recently revealed the most successful people using the app right now and it’s quite clear why they’ve achieved that status. They’re all absolutely stunning. Now, the very same people are giving their advice on how to get more matches on Tinder.

Being authentic and choosing a range of pictures of you doing different things seem to be common themes running through their answers. On the other hand, group pics are an absolute no.

Here are some of the most successful dating app users with their top tips on how to succeed on Tinder:

Molly, 24, Milton Keynes, Primary School Teacher


“Be true to who you are, show off your personality and display your best assets! Choose pictures that you feel great in and genuinely feel happy at the time, because others will pick up on this from your photos.

“Happiness is attractive! I’d suggest taking pictures that show a close up of your face, full lengths of your body and pictures at different angles as this variety shows you in your full glory – be proud of who you are!

“With conversation, being friendly and warm is key! Girls always appreciate a compliment and like someone that can make them laugh… be easy going and open minded,” Blake said.

Robert, 25, Cardiff, Primary School Teacher

“For anyone seeking some tips to level up your Tinder profile I think that it’s incredibly important that you just put yourself out there as you and not some fake ego persona.

“When it comes to the conversations you may have with them, just be yourself and answer honestly – whatever your instinct tells you to say. Show some humour when you are chatting to someone, share with them if they’ve made you smile or laugh. Just don’t hold back.

“My attitude is very much ‘What have I got to lose?’ when it comes to dating so I always aim to present my true self whenever I can. In terms of the pictures for your profile, I would say edited and filtered photos are a big no, as the last thing you want to find out is that someone didn’t ask you on a second date because you didn’t look like your profile. Don’t be afraid to show your true self,” Robert said.

Oisin, 19, Belfast, Uni Student / Lifeguard


“My top tip would be to open the conversation with a GIF or your best joke, to kick things off on the right foot. I also reckon that showing off your hobbies and interests in your photos gives your match something to chat with you about and know straight away if you’ll have things in common,” Oisin said.

Emma, 22, Guildford, Podcaster

“Your photos have got to reflect what you actually look like normally, so nothing too filtered or out of date. Recent pictures are a must – I don’t want to be surprised by someone having facial hair in their photos and then meeting in person to find you freshly shaven!

“I actually matched with Chuggs on Swipe Island and slid straight in there with a joke. My top advice would be to chat with someone like you know them, no small talk, come at me with humour, emojis and great one liners,” Emma said.

Ashley, 28, Surrey, Corporate Manager


“I’d say if you’re interested in someone then definitely skip the waiting game and just message them first. In your profile, include photos which show you at your best and avoid group photos as no one has time for guessing who’s who.

“Also, if you want to start things off on a positive note, I’d recommend not putting a list of criteria in your bio of what you don’t want in a match. It can be really off putting and create a pessimistic tone,” Ashley said.

Katie, 23, Colchester, Foreign Exchange

“Being honest, my bio covers my good bits and bad bits but it’s truthful! Everyone should be as authentic as they can be so there’s no surprises later down the line.

“I think a good first photo works wonders and ideally not a group shot so I know who I’m looking out for. One guy did put arrows in his group photo saying ‘this is me’ that made me laugh! Listing your hobbies is a great conversation starter too,” Katie said.

Blake, 24, Cardiff, Radiographer

“Don’t just have the same selfies on repeat, even if you’re in a different outfit each time. I think having a variety of pictures in different situations, whether it be with friends or playing sports, helps to create a more rounded profile. Also a witty opening line in a bio definitely helps to catch attention,” Blake said.

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