This is where the best place is to rank on Love Island according to science

The results are in

People go onto Love Island for many different reasons. Some are after money, some are pursuing fame, while others actually want to fall in love. What’s clear is that a stint on the show, no matter how brief, can sort you out long after you leave the villa. Ex-Islanders are always getting brand deals and follow-up shows in reality TV. Some of the couples from the show are even still together. But the question is, where is the best place to rank on Love Island in order to secure a decent future for yourself?

The Tab deployed a scientifically rigorous method to find out.


We looked at the total number of Instagram followers, each finalist couple had, as well as their net worths. For every 500k followers and every £500k we awarded them half a point.

If the couples have stayed together since the show went off air (this is no mean feat) we awarded them five points.

We then added up the points for everyone who finished first over the past five seasons of the show, and did the same for second, third and fourth.

This gave us total scores for each finalist position, proving once and for all where it’s best to rank on Love Island.



Molly-Mae and Tommy came second in 2019

The best position to finish on Love Island is actually second place. With a total score of 50.3, second place Love Island contestants narrowly beat the winners of the show who collectively scored 50 points.

Way behind in third place are the Love Island contestants who finished fourth on the show, with a combined score of 23.

Fourth place contestants came…fourth with a total score of 18.1.


Going on the show is probably going to boost your career in some way. Whether or not it boosts your chance of finding love is another question altogether.

But as the findings of this report show, it doesn’t necessarily pay the most to win the Love Island crown.

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