These are the Love Islanders who’ve had the biggest and messiest pre-villa controversies

Throwback to when Josh Denzel lied about his name lol

Love Island has spent the last few years shaping up to be one of the most controversial and addictive TV shows ever. We see tonnes of drama taking place inside the villa and every year there seems to be more and more Ofcom complaints. But what about all the drama which happens before the Islanders enter the villa? We often forget about all the drama that happens before the Islanders go in. Like when Ollie Williams was hounded by Love Island fans for hunting animals or when Anton was called out for doing blackface. Nothing gets past Love Island fans. Here’s a list of the biggest Love Islander controversies before they entered the villa:

Anton Danyluk getting called out for blackface

Anton somehow grew to be one of the more memorable Islanders from his season. That’s pretty much down to him crying over Craig David and becoming a national meme. But before he went in, Love Island producers were scrutinised for allowing him to enter the villa after images of him in blackface surfaced. The photos emerged back in 2019 and were originally uploaded to the Facebook page of the gym he owns. The pictures were quickly deleted but that didn’t stop people from calling for Anton to get booted off the show before it launched. His mum claimed there was “absolutely no racist intent” behind the photos or Anton’s decision to do blackface.

Danny saying the N word before going into the villa

Recently new 2021 Love Islander Danny Bibby was accused  of making “racist” remarks which appeared on his Instagram. In the comment sections of an old post from 2019, an Instagram user commented “Champ 👊🏻” to which Danny replied “My n****”.

The comment has since been deleted from his Instagram account. Danny’s dad apologised on Danny’s behalf whilst his son was in the villa, he said: “Danny does not have a racist bone in his body and there was no racist intentions to this post. Although it was not done maliciously, it was a mistake. I absolutely apologise on his behalf for the offence this wording may have caused. That would never have been his intention.”

Then since leaving the villa and Love Island being hit with over 1,500 Ofcom complaints after allowing him on the show, Danny apologised for using the racial slur. He posted his apology on Instagram and said he’s “learned a very valuable lesson”.

Ollie Williams from winter Love Island hunted animals 

Pictures of winter Love Island contestant Ollie Williams posing with hunted animals came to light a couple of years ago before his time in the villa. The photos were originally posted onto Instagram but have since been deleted. Ollie was seen posing next to a dead warthog, water buffalo and giant eland as a way of promoting his hunting business.

Love Island fans were totally grossed out by Ollie’s behaviour and called out the show’s producers for allowing him to still take part.

Chloe Burrows apparently had an affair with her married boss

There’s no doubt in my mind that Chloe Burrows is one of the most iconic women to ever set foot in the Love Island villa. But the start of her Love Island journey was rough and it took the fans a while to warm up to her. In her VT she admitted married men “are not really off limits” for her. Then it all really kicked off when the supposed daughter of Chloe’s boss tweeted and claimed Chloe had an affair with her dad, she said: “Dad’s PA has gone on Love Island and admitted an affair. How’s your day?” But later it was revealed the Tweet was made up and Chloe has now earned her rightful place as a national treasure and husky voiced Queen of chaos.

Chloe in her Love Island promo shoot

Josh Denzel basically catfished an entire nation

Josh was in the 2018 season of Love Island and everything we thought we knew about him turned out to be pure lies. He even lied to his exes about going on the show and he lied about his….name. Apparently his real name is actually Daulphin-Josh. In 2018 he was dating Kayleigh Morris from Ex On The Beach when he told her he was going to Russia to report on the World Cup for SPORTSbible, but it turns out he was actually going into the villa. Kayleigh claimed he only went onto the show to get a blue tick, she also tweeted calling him a “c***”.

How did we forget about the man who lied to an entire nation about his name?? And WHERE do the producers find these people??

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