Love Island breakups

A comprehensive list of Love Island’s most dramatic breakups of all time

Throwback to when Charlie allegedly threw all of Ellie’d stuff out onto the street

Love Island couples are cursed, they seem to go through the most dramatic and public breakups of all time. They can’t escape it. Whether they break up inside the villa, outside the villa or get their own spin-off TV show called Crackin’ On and then decide to break up, the whole thing will be painfully public. Couples don’t seem to last more than a few weeks or months outside the villa. Obviously there are exceptions to the curse, like Molly-Mae and Tommy Fury, or Alex and Olivia. But there are loads more broken up couples than there are ones who lasted, so let’s take a look back at some of the most dramatic Love Island breakups of all time.

Amy and Curtis

This breakup has had me in a chokehold since 2019. It was a BAFTA award winning moment. When Amy returned from Casa Amor ready to rekindle her love for Curtis and then he dropped the bomb that he kissed someone else but still wanted to be her boyfriend – oh lord. Where do these men find the audacity??? Their breakup rightfully became a national meme and it will hang well in the Love Island hall of fame.

Ellie and Charlie

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Ellie Brown and Charlie Brake from Love Island 2018 moved in together after Love Island however broke up within a month after leaving the villa. Charlie revealed it on his Instagram back in September 2018, but he never said why they broke up. Then the Love Island reunion show revealed all. It turns out Charlie told Ellie he was in the countryside, when he was actually in London having dinner with another girl!! She said she woke up to messages saying he was with a blonde girl in London so asked him where he was but he denied being there. Then Ellie received a photo of Charlie in a restaurant with a girl which Charlie claimed was from a long time ago and was photoshopped.

They have always been dramatic, when they were together Charlie allegedly threw all of Ellie’s stuff out of his bedroom window and secretly dumped her and kicked her out the house. They were also seen arguing during the Love Island coming out show and Ellie was photographed crying in the back of a taxi after a date night with him. The whole thing was one big old mess!

Georgia and Sam

To be fair to them, the odds were entirely stacked against Georgia and Sam. They tried to make things work and continue their relationship outside the villa but unfortunately it was short lived. Sam accused Georgia of cheating on him with her ex-boyfriend and apparently he found a suspicious selfie of Georgia in bed with her ex. Georgia denied the claims and instead said the relationship failing was down to  Sam who made her feel “miserable” when they were together. This whole situation resulted in this explosive row during the Love Island Christmas special.

Anna and Jordan

This breakup will go down in the history books. Probably one of the most toxic splits ever when Jordan asked Anna to be his girlfriend and then one day later he tries cracking on with India. Anna put him in his place but christ alive, you’ve got to give the boy credit for confidence.

What makes this breakup memorable is Jordan then trying to end things with Anna but she keeps asking how he can end something that is already over. She’s such a Queen.

Olivia and Chris

Olivia Attwood and Chris Hughes argued relentlessly. Watching them on Love Island had the same energy as when you’re round your mates house and the parents start having a row – it’s awkward as fuck but you can’t take your eyes off the action. It didn’t come as a surprise when the couple didn’t last outside the villa but somehow they did manage to come third in the 2018 final and landed their own show called Crackin’ On. The show was originally planned to document their relationship but it ended up airing Chris dumping Olivia instead – fucking savage.

Rosie and Adam

We all knew Adam Collard couldn’t be trusted. He went from Kendall to Rosie and then to Zara. But when he faced accusations of gaslighting Rosie, the breakup went sour. Rosie essentially poured her heart out to him at the end of their relationship whilst he sat there smirking. Pure evil. He quickly moved on with Zara McDermott but they broke up pretty soon after.

Gabby and Marcel

Gabby and Marcel seemed to be one of the nation’s favourite couples back in 2017. Their relationship lasted beyond Love Island and all the way up until April 2018 when Gabby dumped him after rumours that Marcel had cheated began to surface. The breakup went quite public, allegedly Gabby found text messages from another woman on Marcel’s phone implying he had slept with her whilst on holiday with Gabby. Marcel’s representative stated the rumours were true and revealed the couple had broken up. But shortly after his rep confirming it, Marcel fully said they broke up because they drifted apart.

Megan and Wes

Remember when Wes went on Dancing on Ice? Well then you’ll definitely remember when Megan publicly accused Wes’ skating partner of trying to get into headlines after announcing she had split from her boyfriend the same day as Wes’ first skate. Megan accused her of a “tactical breakup” but later apologised for her behaviour. A few weeks later herself and Wes announced they split and it was revealed they’d be co-parenting Wes’ hamster which Megan ended up taking anyway. Sounds like a nice, mutual breakup right? Well not really because Megan later went on to reveal Wes is “vanilla” in bed after accusing him of messaging another Islander whilst they were together.

Dani and Jack

This was weird. Jack and Dani “briefly broke up” but then clarified they were back together and then it was revealed the whole thing was a publicity stunt. It was all revealed in a leaked recording between Jack and a mate in a pub, he has been saying it was Dani’s plan to break up with him for publicity. The conversation was recorded by a random person in an Essex pub and was leaked to The Daily Mail. In the recording, Jack says: “I’m not being funny yeah, but if it was on the other foot would you have done it? I said you, listen yeah, you made your decision. You, I’ve not said a word to no one. I’ve been posting what I normally do. I said when you’ve been and gone tomorrow, post on Instagram saying I’ve made a mistake, I’m sorry and that’s what you’re gonna be doing. I’m not getting back with you.” How crazy was THAT stunt.

Amber and Greg

Love Island breakups

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I know what you’re thinking, Greg was the sweet and sexy Irishman who came in and coupled up with our Queen Amber. They were the unexpected Love Island 2019 winners, beating Molly-Mae and Tommy Fury. But they soon broke up around five weeks after winning. Apparently Greg dumped Amber over text, he blamed their crazy schedules for being unable to make things work.

Kaz and Josh

Finally we have Kaz and Josh, the couple who split in 2019 after finding each other in the villa in 2018. The Mirror reported their relationship breaking up had been a long time coming after the paper heard claims that the pair parted ways before going away on an exotic holiday as part of a media campaign for Sandals. So basically they allegedly continued doing brand deals together despite not being a couple – iconic.

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