These Love Island couples made it official on the show, but how long did they last?

Jordan and Anna became official then broke up two days later

Series seven of Love Island has only seen one couple make it official, so far. Jake popped the question to Liberty with matching magnetic bracelets and they became the first and only official couple of this year’s cast. But, in the preview for tonight’s episode, we saw Liberty begin to doubt her relationship with Jake. But even though couples make it official in the Love Island villa, that doesn’t guarantee they’ll stay together.

The show has literally seen engagements (looking at you John and Hannah) and we all know how that turned out.

This is what happened to all the Love Island couples who made it official while still on the show:

Jon and Hannah


Let’s go back to the first ever series of Love Island. In the hideaway, Jon asked Hannah to be his girlfriend. Then fast forward to the end of the show, John proposed after ringing her family for their permission.

Did it last? No.

How long they were together: They broke up that same year in 2015.

Scott and Kady

Despite all their ups and downs, Scott asked Kady to be his girlfriend in series two. Him and the boys arranged towels on the ground to say, “Be my GF?”. Was a very sweet moment for the couple.

Did it last? No.

How long they were together: They broke up the following year in 2017, after moving in together.

Kem and Amber


Through soppy, romantic text messages, Kem told Amber how much she meant to him. Then he popped the question and they were official. The couple went on to win series three of Love Island.

Did it last? No.

How long they were together: They broke up that year, December 2017.

Megan and Wes

Now we move onto series four of Love Island. No one could forget how Megan swooped Wes off his feet and away from Laura, one of the biggest shocks of the series. The difference with this couple making it official was that Megan was the one to pop the question!

Such a feminist icon.

Did it last? No.

How long they were together: They lasted six months and broke up January 2019.

Jack and Dani


Winners of Love Island series four, Jack and Dani, made it official while in the villa. Jack pulled Dani aside to one of the day beds and asked her that all important question. Of course Dani said yes, and the couple went from strength to strength.

Did it last? No.

How long they were together: The couple broke up the following year, early 2019.

Tommy and Molly-Mae

On the balcony, Tommy and Curtis stole an eyeliner pencil to write a note for Molly from Ellie Belly. It said how much she meant to Tommy and then he asked her to be his girlfriend. When they turned around they saw all the Islanders in the garden in the shape of a heart. Needless to say, the rest is history.

Did it last? YESSS! They are living together and show no signs of breaking up.

Jordan and Anna


On a tour of the villa, Jordan took Anna to all the romantic places they had shared together, such as where they had their first kiss. He then popped the big question on the swing and they became official. All the Islanders then jumped into the pool.

Did it last? No.

How long they were together: They broke up days later on the show after an explosive argument as Jordan fancied new girl India Reynolds.

Curtis and Amy

Okay, this one may not count. But can you remember back in series five when Curtis asked Amy to be his half-girlfriend? They were besotted by each other and acted like a real couple. Amy was even on her way back from Casa Amor to tell him she loved him.

Did it last? No.

How long they were together: They broke up  after Casa Amor then Curtis coupled up with Maura.

Chris and Olivia


Olivia was the second girl to be the one to ask her man the big question. She took a leaf out of Megan’s book and asked Chris to be her boyfriend. The coupled were runners up and came third in series five.

Did it last? No.

How long they were together: They were together for six months before splitting up in 2018.

Luke T and Siânnise

In series six, Luke T sent his princess Siânnise on a quest around the villa to find him, then he popped the question. They were both overjoyed and have become an iconic Love Island couple.

Did it last? Yes! The couple have moved in together and are living in London.

Finley and Paige

Finley and Paige are the latest winners, coming in first place in series six of Love Island. The couple made it official in the villa during an emotional talk about their time together.

Did it last? Yes! The couple are still together one year later.

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