These are the 16 RuPaul’s Drag Race queens that would be the most fun on a night out

Bimini would stay out until 7am with me I just know it

I don’t know about you, but I spend my time watching RuPaul’s Drag Race meticulously arguing with myself about which queen I’d likely be best pals with. I want to find that night out Drag Race queen that I could spend nine hours on a sweaty dance floor listening to Rain On Me on loop with. So much of what makes a popular queen from Drag Race after the season stops airing is based on how the queen comes across in confessionals and in the werk room, not just in what they present in the runways or in the challenges.

Now clubs are back open again and I can finally dance my arse off to Hallucinate by Dua Lipa like I was always meant to, I scoured the RuPaul’s Drag Race queens we’ve met across the franchise and picked the 16 elite queens I’d most likely to slurp vodka Red Bulls with in gay clubs, and what I reckon they’d be most like when out on the town.

16. Cheryl Hole

I think out of all the queens here, it would be Cheryl Hole who’d have the best DJ requests. We’d be chugging VK’s to Cheryl Tweedy-Cole-FernandezVersini-nowjustCheryl all night and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Clearing the dance floor by doing full Sweet Melody or The Promise choreography. Sounds heaven to me.

15. Tammie Brown

I’m dying to boogie with Tammie Brown because who the hell knows what would happen!? I could go out in London and wake up in Venezuela dressed as a lizard and it would all feel normal. I want to ride the Tammie wave of chaos into infinity. I want to live this fever dream for one night only!

14. Lemon

Lemon’s Snatch Game alone is one of the hardest I’ve laughed at Drag Race in years, so I just know that on a night out she’d be making me roll laughing all night with her chaos. Definitely a night out wild card you have to keep your eye on, but they’re low key always the most fun.

13. Shangela

Shangela is one of the most fun and consistently good vibes queens to ever go on RuPaul’s Drag Race, and I just know she’d get the party STARTED. She’s that mate that shows up at predrinks and everyone does a sigh of relief knowing that the fun is immediately starting. Can imagine getting home dripping in sweat after doing a Beyoncé medley with Shangie at 4am.

12. Adore Delano

I mean, Adore’s catchphrase is LITERALLY “party”. So rest assured, she’s bringing the party. I feel like a night out with Adore Delano would either be really wild or really chilled, but with either vibe there’d be an amazing afters. Whether the party was popping off back at hers or if you just lay on the sofa drinking and laughing, you’d be having a great time.

11. Ra’Jah O’Hara

Drag Race night out

I love that Ra’Jah has spent her time on All Stars 6 proving to the world that season 11 wasn’t a good representation of how much of a fun icon she really is. With Ra’Jah I wanna go to a karaoke bar, hire a room and sing the hits for about four hours. She always bursts into song, so it would just be ideal for all involved. Pure good vibes from start to fin.

10. Crystal Methyd

Drag Race night out

Crystal Methyd’s unique brand of chaos would just translate perfectly to the club I know it. I know she knows the most fun queer venues to party in that not everyone is aware of, I just can feel it. But there’s a caring and wholesome spirit to Crystal that makes me think she’d also morph into the mum of the night and care for me when I have too much tequila and therefore her presence is not a want but a need.

9 & 8. Trixie and Katya

Drag Race night out

Going out with a couple of mates so in sync as Trixie and Katya is just a joy, and I know they’d have me dying laughing the whole night. Which is what it’s all about really, isn’t it? They’d deffo make sure you were included in all the private jokes and not feel like a third wheel which is just what you need.

7. Willam

Willam I’d definitely have the most wild night with, definitely partaking in things probably too wild to write here. You all know what I mean. One of THOSE nights. I would be lead astray and love every minute of it. A rule breaking icon.

6 and 5. Bob and Peppermint

Do you understand how funny this night out would actually be? We’d probably not even leave pre drinks. Just sat there howling on the sofa saying “but is it fashion?” every five seconds. Infectious laughs all round. Icons, and we’d have an undeniable scream. Can really see us sat in the takeaway at 5am laughing and chatting shite too. Heaven.

4. Bimini Bon Boulash

I want Bimini to show me the ins and outs of East London more than I want anything in this world. Out of all the Drag Race queens on a night out I just know they’d show me the best places and that we’d have one for the history books. Feel like Bimini would just be the best vibes to be around on the dance floor; cool, calm, collected but their hair firmly let down. Takes you for the best vegan chinese the next day when you’re hungover.

3. Priyanka

Drag Race night out

Is there a Drag Race winner that emulates sheer unrelenting joy like Priyanka does? Nope. Imagine the scenes on a Drag Race night out with Pri! No bad vibes, no falling out. Everyone on top form from start to finish, the perfect person to break ice in smoking areas and nail the mingling. An icon.

2. Alexis Mateo

Drag Race night out

HEAR ME OUT. Rewatch Alexis Mateo’s All Stars 5 talent show number and tell me she wouldn’t turn THEE party on a Drag Race night out. I dare you. I would lay my life down for one measly night out with this icon. Everything she says is hilarious, she’s so extra and i just want to spend all my time with her. Queen of the entire world as far as I’m concerned, and the club dance floor wouldn’t know what hit it.

1. Tayce

Drag Race night out

IMAGINE THE SCENES. Tayce is such a gorgeous, fun and good vibes human that the night out would easily be the best you’ve ever been on. She would just dominate the dance floor, everyone would wanna hang with you and there wouldn’t be any beef in sight. The party queen of Newport showing everyone in the club why the world fell in love with her. Legendary.

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