All Stars 6 power ranking: Which iconic queen is going to take home the crown?

We’re down to the top six and it’s anyone’s game

There has never been a season of RuPaul’s Drag Race quite like All Stars 6. We’re down to the top six and it’s truly too tough to call who is the frontrunner. Trinity K Bonet became the first queen of the season to have two challenge wins this week, and statistically now she’s up at the front. But everybody else is hot on her heels, and for the first time ever the stakes feel so high. There isn’t a Shea Couleé situation, which just makes the way every episode unfolds so much more interesting, and makes an All Stars 6 winners power ranking no easy feat to do.

What’s so exciting about All Stars 6 is how much it’s letting queens who were never even CLOSE to being frontrunners in their original season push forward as strong contenders for a crown. Ra’Jah O’Hara, Trinity K Bonet and Kylie Sonique Love were middling queens on their runs, but they’ve had this opportunity to come back and be reborn as even more revered Drag Race legends. It’s what an All Stars season should really be about. With Jan’s sad departure this week, we’re now at the top six of the competition, and the queens are delivering so hard that it felt right to weigh up how everyone’s done so far, how strong they’re looking statistically and which queen is most likely to go home a winner, baby!

6. Pandora Boxx

I have a lot of time for Pandora Boxx, she’s a Drag Race legend and I think she’s done decent on All Stars 6 so far. But she hasn’t once had a wow moment, and that’s a bit of a problem this many weeks in. I wish Jan had stayed over Pandora, because for all of Jan’s annoyances she delivers consistently with impressive and memorable moments too. I just can’t see Pandora taking the All Stars 6 crown in any way at this point, and when ranking the queens this way she’s by far in bottom place. It’s Snatch Game next week though, and she excelled so much in the first ever Snatch Game that perhaps she could turn it all round in her favour.

5. Eureka

Whilst I think Eureka has been significantly less unbearable than she has been on her previous Drag Race appearances, her run on All Stars 6 feels plagued with favouritism from the judges. It’s very unsatisfying to watch – seeing her this week come out in LITERALLY just an ill fitted bodysuit and get praise for it was so annoying. I don’t think Eureka will win All Stars, but she will be sticking round for a while since the judges and World of Wonder seem hell bent on making sure we love her.

4. Ginger Minj

I love Ginger, and clearly so do the judges. They are ushering her straight to that top four, when her All Stars run so far has been by far her least consistent and exciting stuff she’s ever done on Drag Race. Her talent show Gummy Bear song was truly a living nightmare, and her runway looks have been disastrous on the whole besides the odd exception. In my opinion, she should have gone home for her Fergie in the Super Bowl challenge, which was more Sarah Ferguson than Stacy.

If Ginger knocks it out of the park in the remaining weeks, she could definitely be the winner. But at this point, there are three queens who are just bringing it across the board a whole lot harder.

3. Ra’Jah O’Hara

All Stars 6 ranking

Ra’Jah O’Hara has taken All Stars 6 by storm. She arrived back in the competition with the best attitude – a complete reinvention of her season 11 self in the best possible way. Amazing drag, elevated to All Stars standard, great commentary and more well rounded and up for a challenge. She’s incredible, and has solidified herself as one of my fave queens from the whole franchise. I would LOVE Ra’Jah to take the crown, she’d be one of the most unexpected winners ever.

She had a rough week in the acting challenge last week, but she came back and served it with her verse and maintained a positive mental attitude and could absolutely take home the crown and she deserves top three in an All Stars 6 power ranking. But there are two queens who I think might just beat her to it.

2. Trinity K Bonet

All Stars 6 ranking

Statistically, Trinity K Bonet is now the frontrunner. Two challenge wins – and both of them completely deserved. She has dominated on All Stars 6, and after being a huge fan of her as a lip sync assassin in her season, it’s been euphoric to see her return and be such a frontrunner. She’s been a great queen on the runway, in the challenges and in the work room. She clearly cares so much about her sisters she’s competing with and they all hold her in great reverence. A big icon!

If Trinity won, it would be completely deserved and I’d love to see her in that hall of fame. But as of right now, there’s one final queen who I really think deserves to take the top spot…

1. Kylie Sonique Love

All Stars 6 ranking

Kylie Sonique Love deserves to win All Stars 6 because she represents what the RuPaul’s Drag Race journey is all about, and is a perfect example of the ethos of loving yourself that permeates this show. She is why Drag Race is so special. On season two, over 10 years ago, she came out as a transgender woman on television. In that 10 years, she has grown exponentially as a performer and as the woman she knew she was inside. She’s gone from a shy competitor to a force to be reckoned with.

I couldn’t think of a worthier queen to be the first ever trans winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race than Kylie. She takes the top spot in the All Stars 6 power ranking because she’s annihilated the runway every single week, stepped out of her comfort zone and excelled not just in the fields she’s always slayed in, but defied expectations and did a perfect acting challenge performance. She’s killing it, she’s earned legions of new fans and she deserves to take the crown home. She’s the future of drag.

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