Personality quiz to see which guy from Outer Banks on Netflix would be your boyfriend

Which guy from Outer Banks would you be with? Take this quiz to find out

I just want what Sarah Cameron has, okay?!

Look, we get it, everyone on Outer Banks is hot. There is no shame in admitting that it is a huge reason why you watch the show and love is so much. So you’ve definitely imagined, probably more times than you’d like to admit, which guy from Outer Banks would be your boyfriend – as the following quiz is finally going to tell you.

Maybe you are destined to be with the ultimate Outer Banks heartthrob that is John B, living a life of adventure and romance which could be fresh from a typical trash rom-com. Or maybe you prefer more of a Pope? The typical nice guy who will treat you like a princess. We can’t all have JJ, the beauty and charisma that he holds is unmatched. And then there’s Wade, specially reserved for those upon us who can pass on him being an actual loose cannon criminal, and just love a man with a bank balance. If you get Rafe, I am honestly a lil bit scared for you and I’m sorry.

You can only have one Outer Banks boyfriend, unfortunately. So find out below who yours is.

Take this quiz to see which guy from Outer Banks you would be with:

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