Grab a cold one, lie down in the shade and then enjoy these 27 UK heatwave memes

No air con, no sleep, just sweat


We asked for a hot girl summer, to make up for what’s safe to say has been the worst year of our lives. But what we didn’t ask for was sweaty girl summer, dehydrated girl summer or sunburnt girl summer. A heatwave has hit the UK with the force of 10,000 suns, and sales of fans have never been higher. I say this directly to god, geography teachers or whoever is in control of the weather: Please sort it out.

The Met Office has issued a UK extreme heat warning, with temperatures potentially going higher than 35 degrees Celsius in parts of the country. If you didn’t already believe me: It’s hot. But whilst people are crying over how hot they are and saying they’ve never been sweatier, the heat has given us one good thing, and that good thing is heatwave memes tweets and memes.

Now wipe away your SULA, turn your fan on and enjoy these 27 UK heatwave memes, because you know you have nothing better to do when it’s this hot:

1. Okay but no need to flex owning a fan

2. It’s official, he hates us x

3. Honestly who is wearing mascara rn?

4. Sip sip

5. No air con, no fan, just sweat

6. @Boris Johnson, pls can this be arranged

7. Get me to Greece ASAP


9. Yep

10. Just go home and lie down


12. And I am drowning in it

13. ‘I can’t come in *cough cough* I’m sick’

14. What else is this heat going to take from us?

15. What if the monsters get me :/

16. I cannot cope

17. I feel this deep within my soul

18. Might be

19. My LEGS

20. It’s a way of life


22. Brb chopping them off

23. I can’t do this any more

24. No but this is my actual worst nightmare

heatwave memes

25. Not being dramatic but if I have to put trousers on I might die

26. Truth

27. Please god when will it end

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