This is how to make the whipped lemonade that’s all over TikTok right now

It’s super simple to make

TikTok seems to be constantly giving us new and exciting drinks recipes from the amazing Dalgona iced coffee to the downright weird, and apparently sleep-inducing, lettuce water.  The latest drink that’s all over my FYP right now, is called whipped lemonade and guess what? It’s really easy to make.

Fresh lemonade has long been a summer staple and there’ll be many out there who won’t trust this new kid on the block. But one fact will always remain: the wheel was made to be reinvented.

Put simply, whipped lemonade is a creamy, citrusy slice of heaven. There are loads of variations dotted around on TikTok, but this recipe is the best and the simplest to make.

Here’s how you make whipped lemonade:

Whipped Lemonade

Shock: it’s a case of whacking a load of fun stuff in a blender.

Drop in 12 ice cubes (ish) from a medium-to-high height, and follow that up with two fat squirts of whipped cream.

Come behind that with around 125ml of condensed milk and the same amount of fresh lemon juice. At least you’re going to get a bit of vitamin C out of this to offset all that condensed milk.


Shit that looks good

Blend up that creamy boi to kingdom come, slosh it into some drinking vessels and then guess what you’re going to do next? That’s right. Slap a bit more quirty cream on top for good measure.


Needs a better glass tbh

I’d probs opt for a martini glass to show true respect to this iconic drink and if you’re really aesthetic, finish it with a wedge of lemon.

And how does it taste? “Oh my god. It takes like a freaking lemon meringue pie,” says one TikTok user.

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