Strawberry milk is the newest TikTok trend, here’s how to make it

Finally something for those of us who just can’t dance

TikTok is a learning experience, whether you’re learning a new dance, how to make your Instagram stories look cool or maybe even a recipe – it’s got it all. Another thing TikTok is king of is having a new trend each week. Not long ago your Insta stories were filled with people making “TikTok coffee”, we get it now, you froth the coffee first and then add some milk – boring. The newest drink on the block is TikTok strawberry milk. It’s finally possible for to get your Maccies milkshake fix whilst in lockdown and we are here to show you how. 

Here’s how to make the strawberry milk – let’s go:

Step one: Source the ingredients

In a time where we’re only allowed to leave the house for a jog or very essential food shopping, I worried that finding the ingredients could be a challenge in itself. 

Luckily they’re not that rogue and all you’re going to need is strawberries, milk, ice and some sugar.

Stawberry milk, TikTok, ingredients, almond milk, trending, viral video, how to make

Step two: Chop the strawberries

You want to cut each one into small pieces, obvs getting rid of the green leafy part.  

Stawberry milk, TikTok, ingredients, almond milk, trending, viral video, how to make

Step three: Add sugar

Two big heaped tablespoons. That’s right, take something healthy and turn it into a teeth rotter. It’s all for the sake of the views though so it’s worth it. 

Step four: Mash the strawberries and sugar together

Existing videos suggest using a “muddler”. Can’t lie, here I just gave it a little stir and mush with a wooden spoon and hoped for the best.

Step Five: Take it to the flame

Okay, so here you have to boil the strawberries and sugar. The same vibe as when you’d make jam at your grandparents as a fun Easter holiday activity. 

This actually smelt unreal and I wanted to eat it straight from the pan. Make sure you don’t burn it as it started boiling really quickly.

Step Six: Leave the strawberry potion to cool

I was impatient and waited all of about three minutes but you should probably wait about ten or so for it to be the right temperature.

Step Seven: Ice Ice Baby

A luxury of being in lockdown at home and not at uni meant there were real ice cubes waiting in the freezer and not some weird make shift stuff made an hour before pres. Fill your cup about three quarters full with ice and your ready to go.

If you’re making this into an actual TikTok or want it to feature on your Instagram story, the glass choice is very important. I went for a branded gin beaker. The shape was aesthetic and just felt right. One of those hench glasses with a handle that you’d fill with sweets as a knock of birthday presents for your mates would probably work well here.

Step Eight: Start layering

Pour your homemade strawberry syrup into the glass. Putting it in first means you’re going to get a nice looking layered drink, ready for film.

Step Nine: Where the magic happens

It’s time for the milk. Choose your fighter: I went for almond because I’m just sooo millennial, but any kind will work. Slowly and carefully pour the milk up to the top of the glass, it should layer on top of the strawberries.

Stawberry milk, TikTok, ingredients, almond milk, trending, viral video, how to make

A literal work of art

Step Ten: Important – show off your TikTok strawberry milk on Insta

Have a photoshoot with the drink and film an ending to your TikTok. I am aware this would have looked much better with a straw of some kind, probably metal. However, I don’t own any and didn’t think Boris would approve it as an essential item.

Stawberry milk, TikTok, ingredients, almond milk, trending, viral video, how to make

And there you have it… TikTok inspired strawberry milk. Give it a stir before you drink it to get the best flavour and voila – a new home favourite.

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