Millie bobby brown and hunter echo

Who is Hunter Echo? The TikTok star claiming to be Millie Bobby Brown’s boyfriend

The five year age gap between him and 16-year-old Millie has sparked some of the controversy

Millie Bobby Brown has always kept her relationships private. Recently it was revealed she was dating Bon Jovi’s Son, Jake Bongiovi. Amidst all these rumours, it’s being claimed Millie Bobby Brown is actually dating Hunter Echo, a 21-year-old TikToker.

Hunter has broken his silence on social media and alleged the rumours are true, however, Mille has not responded to the claims. Here’s everything you need to know about the Millie Bobby Brown dating rumours:

Hunter Echo is an LA TikToker

hunter echo

via Instagram @hunter_echo

Hunter Echo is an LA TikToker with over 1.6 million followers on TikTok and 123,000 followers on Instagram. He’s gained his following on TikTok from posting lip syncing videos to trending sounds as well as thirst traps. He’s gained over 33 million likes since starting his channel back in October 2019.

When did the Millie Bobby Brown and Hunter Echo dating rumours start?

The rumours about Millie Bobby Brown and Hunter Echo began after pictures of the two surfaced online. Hunter was 20 years old at the time and Millie was 16. The age difference between them made Millie’s fans uncomfortable even though the pictures showed them both having a good time.

Despite the photographs together, Millie is yet to openly came out and admit Hunter and herself are dating.

Hunter recently went live on Instagram and caused controversy

Following the pictures of the couple being leaking online, Hunter went on Instagram Live and spoke about his alleged relationship with Millie directly to his followers. On the Instagram Live, Hunter claimed he was living with Millie.

He said: “I was living at Millie’s house for eight months. How the fuck is that a lawsuit? I thought her mum and dad knew about everything.” Hunter also claims everything happening between the pair is legal and he has nothing to apologise for.

The Instagram Live sparked controversy and as a result there’s an “Exposing Hunter Echo” Instagram account. The account shared footage of his live video where he spoke quite explicitly about their alleged relationship.

Hunter also claimed Millie “used her powers on him and he got manipulated” joking about her Stranger Things character, Eleven. Following Hunter’s Instagram Live, someone tweeted claiming Hunter is “sick and evil” and he should go to hell.

Despite Hunter’s claiming they are together and dating, Millie is yet to comment on the rumours.

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