Explained: Here’s how you can rewind or fast-forward a TikTok video without saving them

As if TikTok didn’t ruin my attention span already x

There’s nothing worse than watching a TikTok video, blinking and then missing the most important part. Or sitting through what feels like the longest video of all time only to see what happens at the end, especially now we have the three minute video feature. Yeah sure, three minutes isn’t long but it feels like a life time when you have to re-watch an entire TikTok because you missed an important part right near the end. Thankfully the TikTok gods are smiling down on us and our prayers have been answered because the app creators have dropped their latest feature which means we’re now able to rewind and fast-forward on TikTok.

But how do I rewind and fast-forward a TikTok video??

The feature quietly rolled out onto the mobile app which allows us to rewind or fast-forward videos. Pocket-lint tested the new app on iOS but it wasn’t able to access the feature on Android. So you need to make sure you have the latest version downloaded onto an iPhone if you want to use it.

Here are the quick and easy steps you should follow in order to rewind and fast-forward your TikTok videos:

• Open the latest version of the TikTok app.

• While playing a TikTok video, look for the white line which typically appears at the bottom. The line will be on longer videos, you won’t be able to see it on the shorter ones.

• Attempt to touch the line with your finger. A dot should appear to indicate how far you are in the video.

• Press down on the dot and scroll left to rewind or right to fast-forward.

And voila! That’s how you can skip to the end of those extra long TikTok videos or go back to the start if you missed something. This is going to revolutionise how we learn Charli D’Amelio’s dances.

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