Only true fans of The Bold Type can get 11/14 in this trivia quiz

Only true Scarlet readers, please

The Bold Type is probably one of the most ridiculous and unrealistic shows on Netflix.

The show stars Jane, Kat and Sutton, who are trying to make it in New York as they work as a journalist, social media editor and stylist respectively, at Scarlet magazine.

The girls have unrealistically close relationships with their bosses, take Ubers everywhere despite the minimal pay they probably earn, and spend more time discussing their issues in the fashion closet than they do actually working. However, there is nothing wrong with a show being unrealistic, and it’s actually one of my favourites.

For five seasons, we’ve laughed, cried and tackled the patriarchy with our iconic trio, and whilst this heavenly piece of escapism is coming to an end (sob), why not relive some of its best bits in this trivia quiz.

Are you a true Scarlet reader, loyal to Jacqueline and her print team? Or are you just a weirdo outsider like Patrick who will never understand the true essence of Scarlet magazine? Let’s find out…

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