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These 23 Sex/Life memes are almost as chaotic and messy as the show

I’m still not over episode three

Netflix’s latest show Sex/Life is more saucy than 365 Days, Fifty Shades of Grey and Bridgerton combined. It’s messy, chaotic and the memes perfectly sum up the drama that goes down.

Last week Netflix dropped the eight part series which sees the main character Billie experience peaceful married life whilst simultaneously having flashbacks to her incredibly steamy sex life with her ex-boyfriend Brad. It’s been called “so bad, it’s good” and “satisfying trash” by the critics. And though they may have mixed reviews, the vibe on Twitter is this is the most chaotic show we’ve watched and we want more.

There’s so many good memes that perfectly describe the fascination, surprise and bewilderment we feel when watching it, in particular episode three 👀. If you know, you know.

These are the 23 funniest Sex/Life memes:

1. It’s a very serious movie

2. Still not over it

3. Anyone else not know where to look?

4. It did all make complete sense tbf

5. This show is chaos and I love it

6. I’ll take Cooper if you don’t want him

7. Nah I’ve seen episode three it is THAT good

8. She is an icon

9. Just doing some research

10. Literally why does she not do it?

11. I love her but she is stressful AF

12. Yeah I have no words

13. What a pickle she’s landed herself in

14. Well done Sarah 👏Well done.

15. Shocked to say the least

16. Accurate

17. Please make up your mind Billie

18. Now this is just sad

19. Literally

20. The real questions

21. I’ve had to take significant breaks

22. FFS

23. Please just make a decision

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