You can look at, but you can’t touch these 35 Too Hot To Handle season two memes

Does the cast this year understand the rules or???

Too Hot To Handle on Netflix is back for a season two, and as well as providing us with some much needed TV chaos and drama, the memes about the series have been on fire.

10 singles whose main personality trait is loving sex have all been put in the villa again, thinking they’re about to have a wild and hot summer before finding out they actually aren’t allowed to touch each other or quite literally will pay the price. But this lot are being fined left, right and centre, Melinda is completely carrying the show and if Cam mentions his “blue balls” one more time I will self-implode.

Here are the best memes and reactions so far to the first half of Too Hot To Handle season two on Netflix.


2. Every single damn day she brings it

3. That is not a JOB ??????

4. The absolute realest

The best memes and reactions to the first four episodes of Too Hot To Handle season two on Netflix

5. Obsessed


7. Why are they so bad as this??? It’s quite a simple concept????

8. Carnage


10. Just embrace it x

The best memes and reactions to the first four episodes of Too Hot To Handle season two on Netflix

11. Bless them, that was cute x

12. I am shocked?!

13. The way my jaw dropped to the floor

14. No lies were told

15. I am HOWLING

16. Honestly starting to wonder what will happen when the prize fund hits $0

17. This annoyed me SO much

18. Confirmed: Kayla is a goddess

19. LIVING for it

20. Her eye makeup every day? Powerful

21. I just love the drama

22. They for sure ain’t making money from Lana

23. Spot on

24. He was shook to his very core I can’t deal with it

25. Honestly these people would be no friends of mine

26. Are they BLIND?

27. Oop x

28. Get on it

29. He’d be setting GROUND RULES

30. I will happily die on this hill

31. Can someone check if Peter is ok????

32. Same drama, different season x


34. I am in awe x

35. WHAT DO I DO NOW????

The first four episodes of season two of Too Hot To Handle are available on Netflix now, with the rest dropping on June 30th. For all the latest Netflix news, drops, quizzes and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook. 

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