These 18 iconic Love Island moments are guaranteed to bring a tear to your eye

‘I also want to be the person that gets up and makes everyone a coffee in the morning’

Love Island is so full of iconic moments and to a lesser extent, love.

Winter Love Island may have been a bit naff, but there’s no doubt the past six series have provided us with endless amounts of entertainment.

From Hayley’s Brexit debate to Curtis explaining he likes to be the one to get everyone a coffee in the morning, we’ve whittled down the best bits from the past six years into 18 iconic Love Island moments that will make you howl with laughter.

1. THAT Brexit conversation

There’s only one place to start. This is 60 seconds of TV gold. Tbf, I love my holidays as well, Hayley.

2. Tommy gives Hayley a run for her money with these alien conspiracies

Remember when Tommy announced his ground-breaking conspiracy theory?

“The Bermuda triangle, everything that happens underneath the sea, you know planets, you know Stonehenge, everything, celebrities,” Tommy said. “I’m not going to say too much because I might get a knock on my door.”

Yeah, no need to say any more.

3. ‘Do you know I was in Blazin’ Squad?’

Sam’s reaction in this is priceless.

4. ‘Get the carrot into the fucking hummus’

Chris and Kem’s hummus chat is code that Alan Turing would be proud of.

5. ‘I’m sat’

This lives rent free in my head.

6. Daddy day care

There are a lot of trips and falls on Love Island but this has got to take the crown.

7. Dani’s spot on Eyal impression

Clearly top notch acting runs in the Dyer family.

8. Ched’s word vomit

“You know when you first like, you, like, like, you’re like ahh, she’s like, do you know like, a blonde girl, do you know what I mean like,” Ched said.

Everybody gets nervous in front of someone they like, but unfortunately for Ched it had to happen on national TV.

9. ‘I also want to be the person that gets up and makes everyone a coffee in the morning’

This clip has single-handedly given meme accounts content for the past two years.

10. ‘Message’

I could have put in any number of Ovie clips. Hands down the best Love Islander there’s been.

11. ‘This is the man I want to see’

Maura’s mum speaking for the entire nation.

12. Michael’s excellent charades skills

You know Tom is bad when he makes Michael look almost likeable.

13. ‘I think if Tyla really liked him, she should go as well’

Theo was such an underrated Love Islander. Even the other islanders couldn’t stop themselves laughing.

14. ‘Oh I’m sorry but it ain’t on’

That screech she starts her “oh” with always gets me. Series six would have been nothing without Siannise.

15. Do Bits Society

Forget about winning, all you wanted if you were a contestant on Love Island in 2018 was to be in the Do Bits Society.

16. Emma and Terry thinking they wouldn’t air sex on top of the sheets

Emma and Terry tried to beat the producers by having really visible sex, thinking that it would be too graphic to air it. To say that backfired, is an understatement.

17. Amber and Molly-Mae’s expressions

They didn’t have to say a word.

18. ‘Why you asking her that??’

The list would be incomplete without Maura. Everyone needs more Maura in their life.

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