Take this quiz and we’ll tell you which TikTok persona you are

We can’t all be Addison Rae

From dance trends to memes and challenges, there’s something for everyone on TikTok. A quick scroll through your FYP is enough to see a wide variety of the interesting characters that you will encounter on the app.

From middle-aged mums to wannabe roadmen, all are free and welcome to create videos (although not everyone should be allowed to). Who actually wants to watch Karen from Bradford lip sync to Ardee?

It’s very easy to distance yourself from these personas and pretend not to be a TikTok super fan. “I don’t really know much about TikTok,” you shout, as Charli and Dixie’s latest dance trend plays on repeat.

“I just go on TikTok when I’m bored”, you explain, after finding yourself seven hours deep into an investigation of the latest Hype House drama. You’ve not checked your to-do list in weeks and your screen time has never been so high.

While you may not consider yourself to be a real TikToker, how you use TikTok means far more than you might think. Love posting your outfits and eco conscious lifestyle? You could be a VSCO Girl. Hate content houses but love eyeliner? You’d probably fit in with the E-Girl and E-Boys.

Tell us your TikTok habits and we’ll let you know which TikTok persona you really fit into.

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