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Only a true teen queen is getting 27/30 on this bumper teen girl movie trivia quiz

Do you know your Clueless from your Legally Blonde?

Teen girl movies were a right of passage growing up in the 2000s. They’re the movies that moulded us into the women we are today and if we’re being honest cinema has never been better than when Emma Roberts and Lindsay Lohan were in every movie going. But just how much teen girl movie trivia knowledge do you have? It’s time to test it with our quiz.

There are 10 essential teen girl movies, all different in plots, leading stars and cringe 2000s outfits. However they are all equally important and none should be discounted. We’ve created a quiz that will ask you three questions about each of those 10 movies.

The quiz will test you on quotes, songs and classic moments. It’s essentially the best way to weed out the teen girl movie fakes who only watched Clueless at sleepovers to the true queens who still watch Wild Child when they’re hungover and can recite every word Elle Woods ever said.

To find out just how good of a teen girl movie fan you are, take our bumper trivia quiz here:

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