If iconic teen movie girls went to UK universities, this is where they would go

Regina George would go to Oxbridge, obvs

We all grew up watching the same noughties movies and were inevitably shaped by their iconic teen queens.

Who didn’t dream that they were as cool as Kat Stratford, or as popular as Cher Horowitz? I mean, that’s just, like the rules of feminism!

Just in case you’re as obsessed with Regina George as Janice was, here’s a run down of what uni every iconic teen movie girl would have gone to.

Oxbridge – Regina George

‘That is the ugliest effin social life I have ever seen’

Ruthlessly determined to be at the top, Oxford and Cambridge are the queen bees of UK unis. The stars. Everybody knows them and everybody wants to be them, so why would we expect THE Regina George to attend anywhere else?

But once she gets there, the reality will hit her like that bus. Because underneath the pink velour tracksuits and plaid skirts, the overwhelming workload and shit social life will bring her right back down with the rest of us.

Bristol and Brookes – Karen Smith and Gretchen Wieners

Oxbridge rejects? SO not fetch.

The wannabes. The rejects. So close yet so far. They made it into The Plastics but they’ll never be Regina George. I’m not trying to suggest that anyone who attends these unis are airheads, however I am sure that their weekend activities don’t do much for their brain cells.

Newcastle – Elle Woods

A beret fit for the streets of Jesmond

Elle Woods is a stylish, fun-loving icon who knows how to have a good time, just like Newcastle Uni students who never say no a spontaneous night doing the bend and snap on the sticky floors in Soho.

Leeds – Kat Stratford

What is it, asshole day?

Kat Stratford is unapologetically “edgy” and thinks she is so much better than everyone else.

With a permanent rage and built up anger from “all those years of upper-middle class suburban oppression,” Kat could really do with a night out in Church to let it all out – and BOY would she fit in.

Edinburgh – Poppy Moore

Rain? If this were America, I would sue!

Two words: superiority complex. Wild, rich and spoilt, the students of Edinburgh are akin to Poppy in more ways than one. Let’s not forget the reliance on daddy’s money and the must for getting what they want. They’ll look down on you for going to any other uni.

To them, you’re just an “ugly loser who thinks a mani-pedi is some sort of Latin greeting.” She will just have to get used to the rain 200 days out of the year.

Liverpool – Cher Horowitz

“If I order one more Raz bomb, will I have enough money left for a cap..?”

Attractive and popular. On the outside they may seem intimidating. Cher has her Beverly Hills mansion and impeccable style, while Liverpool Uni has its picturesque campus and status as the first Russell Group uni.

But there’s a whole lot more to them if you just give them a chance. Beneath the surface, both are fun, light-hearted and don’t take themselves too seriously. Try and find me a Liverpool student who would say no to the sticky floors and dripping ceilings of The Raz.

St Andrews – Mia Thermopolis

Just in case I’m not enough of a freak already, let’s add a tiara!

Only the best for the Queen of Genovia. If it’s good enough Kate Middleton, I guess it’s good enough for Mia.

The copious amount of balls and black tie events are fit for a princess. Just don’t expect her to join in with lacrosse.

Loughborough – Viola Hastings

The face of a girl who had hoped her uni years would be her best – then got dropped off at Loughborough

So, I’m not quite sure how Viola Hastings made the list for iconic teen movie girls. Just as I am equally unsure how Loughborough has made it to be seventh best uni in the UK. But superiority complexes aside, Viola is slightly irrelevant and thinks that sport is a substitute for a personality. Need I say any more?

Durham – Sam Montgomery

Tell me she is not FIT for a Durham ball

Forget the nightclubs of Newcastle, if it’s a masked ball Sam wants then it’s a masked ball she shall get. Just as she was happy to settle for Princeton in the US, Durham is its perfect UK counterpart – for those who want to aim high, but just aren’t quite confident enough for that push to Oxbridge.

Sheffield – Georgia Nicolson

Ultraviolet x

When the long distance inevitably gets too much for her and Robbie, there is only one place for the noughties answer to the everygirl. She will inevitably spend every Friday night at an indie concert looking for a new lead singer to get with. With a campus swamped with indie boys in checked shirts, what more can she want?

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