Here’s how to get the Instagram tattoo filter that’s all over Twitter right now

Brb, getting inked xx


Right now, people on Twitter are loving the Instagram tattoo filter. The results are pretty interesting and it’s clear that tattoos do make people look a lot sexier. Have you been debating what you’d look like covered in tattoos? Well here’s how you can see if you like it without paying the extortionate prices for a real tattoo.

We’ve seen it before with body piercing filter and, more recently, the beauty TikTok filter. But now it’s time to see what we all look like when we’re covered head to toe in tattoos.

So, here’s how to find and use the Instagram tattoo filter that you’ve been seeing all over Twitter.

So here’s how to use the Instagram tattoo filter which is all over Twitter right now:

• First you need to open up your Instagram app

• Head onto stories mode and swipe all the way to “browse effects”

• Then search for “Rampage” by Jeferson Araujo

• It’ll then open up with three options, click the one in the top left corner and enjoy

The filter will cover any skin on show with digital tattoos so you can probably go fully naked to see what you’d look like entirely covered. There’s also options for with or without sunglasses and even just a tanned one with no tattoos involved.

Obsessed with the brolly tat

Have fun getting inked x

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