Ok so just how well would you do on THAT iconic Friends quiz?

Does anyone know what Chandler’s job is?

One of the biggest parts of the Friends reunion was when the whole cast recreated the iconic quiz from The One With The Embryos, but just how well do you remember the quiz?

The special episode saw the six main Friends cast members recreate the scene in which Joey and Chandler compete against Monica and Rachel to see who gets the apartment.

However in the reunion rather than asking the questions from the episode, David Schwimmer used the same format to ask the cast questions such as “how many erogenous zones are there on a woman?” and “what is the name of the neighbour downstairs?” The one question they did feature from the original quiz was “what is Chandler Bing’s job?” which was asked by Tom Selleck who played Richard.

Apart from the most famous question from the quiz, just how many of the other answers can you remember from the original quiz? We’ve rounded up the 15 questions Ross asked Joey, Chandler, Monica and Rachel to truly test your fan knowledge.

Take this quiz to find out how well you would do on The One With The Embryos quiz:

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