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These 27 Friends reunion reactions will have you crying a puddle of tears

I’m fine, I just need a minute

The Friends reunion finally aired last night and whilst the celebrity cameos were funny and Lady Gaga’s rendition of Smelly Cat was iconic, all anyone on Twitter could talk about was how emotional the reunion was.

The two hour reunion episode had everyone on Twitter crying, sharing throwbacks and making incredibly emotional memes. The most common meme had to be everyone reacting to the news that Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer had feelings for each other when they were filming the early seasons and I will never be ok again.

Other reactions included people sharing side by side images of the cast in the show and then in the reunion episode and they all look so much older, my heart can’t take it.

These are the 27 most emotional Friends reunion memes:

1. I’m not crying, you are

2. I’m literally a puddle of tears

3. Will I ever be over it? Nope

4. A literal queen

5. My heart

6. Just a steady stream of tissues

7. Why are they so cute?

8. Hahahha

9. Goosebumps

10. This moment killed me

11. Ok but why wasn’t Emma there?

12. These two 🥺

13. Sorry, what??

14. The tears aren’t stopping

15. It all makes sense now

16. I’m liking the grandad Joey vibe

17. Song of the year

18. Why would you say that Courteney??

19. They’re basically twins

20. I’m definitely not fine

21. It was all going so well

22. I just love them so much

23. Lol

24. They wouldn’t even get the joke anyway

25. Ok but why is this me?

26. Immediately rewatching

27. One more crying meme for the road

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