There’s going to be a new ‘Murder Love Island’ series coming to ITV2 as well

The show sees contestants try to find love whilst avoiding a killer, yes really

It’s been reported that ITV2 has a new show, dubbed “Murder Love Island”, coming as well as the actual newest Love Island series.

According to the Sun, Love Island this year will be followed by “Killer Camp” which follows 12 contestants who live in a lakeside lodge. The aim of the show, which will be over five nights, is for the cast to try and find love, whilst also avoiding a “killer” on the loose amongst them. The murderer will “kill” fellow campers in some extreme and creative ways, all for our entertainment.

As well as the idea of finding love, surviving lodge residents have to work out who is responsible for the murders or risk getting illuminated. It sounds a bit like if you got Love Island and added a saboteur to the mix, like that kids TV show Trapped.

Killer Camp on ITV2 dubbed Murder Love Island

via ITV2

A TV insider told the Sun: “This is already being dubbed ‘Murder Love Island’ as the two ITV2 shows share so many similarities. But obviously Killer Camp adds a twist which has echoes of cult Ryan Murphy show American Horror Story: 1984. And if they make it to the end of the contest they don’t just stand a chance of finding another half, there’s also the promise of scooping some cool, hard cash.”

The show had a short trial run in 2019, and ITV bosses are said to have been impressed with the ratings so quickly made the show a permanent fixture – however filming for a new series was delayed amid the pandemic. It’s now been reported that filming is underway in a remote forest in Estonia and the cast has been picked.

The cast will include a mix of US and UK contestants and the show will be hosted by Canadian comedian Bobby Mair. Here’s a little teaser from the previous series:

This should be… interesting?

A release date for new Killer Camp has not yet been officially announced. To be the first to know all the latest Love Island news, gossip and rumours contestants, like The Holy Church of Love Island on Facebook. 

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