The Story of Tracy Beaker served us some looks, but these were the most iconic

There’s a lot of be said for Rio Wellard’s phenomenal bandana game

Tracy Beaker was a cultural reset and there is no doubt that it provided us with some of the highest quality outfits. Take it from someone who loved dressing up as Tracy Beaker on World Book Day every single year.

The entire cast had a strong taste in fashion. The whole y2k aesthetic was laid on strong, from Elaine Boyak’s pastel lip gloss collection to Justine Littlewood’s tie dye obsession – the character wardrobes slapped.

Across five series, we have been served some real courageous and show stopping outfits. Here are 15 of the most iconic outfits from The Story of Tracy Beaker:

1. Simple but equally extraordinary

This outfit was worn by Tracy in the very first episode. The over-the-shoulder bag is trés chic and very y2k. Also, it would be illegal to ignore her stunning oversized red V-neck top with those denim shorts, it’s the perfect fit for our curly mullet headed queen.

2. You wish your cut crease was as good as this

This is arguably the most iconic look of all time. Our girl Tracy literally invented overlining the lip back in 2002. Her blue eyeshadow takes my breath away every time.

3.  The flares spiced up the whole show

It goes without saying that the girls dress so much better than the boys – just look at Justine and Louise’s flares. Those two girls would have been the creme de la creme of Depop sellers if they were knocking about today. Louise’s vest and blue cardigan combo revolutionised how we see high end fashion. It was sensational then and it is sensational now.

4. School summertime chic

Every British girl knows the hype around these summer dresses. The best feeling in the world in running around free as a kite, playing stuck in the mud with your mates who are all wearing matching checked dresses. Total serotonin.

The school jumper around the waist also adds a little bit je ne sais quoi to the whole look. To put it simply: it’s perfection.

I hope Peter is seeing a chiropractor because he carried those boys. Peter’s bomber jacket alone is enough to stop anyone in their tracks and ask him where it’s from. It’s effortless but classy.

5. Depop’s four best sellers right here

Their edgy style in this photo makes them look like they exclusively drink Red Stripe. I loved the whole Depop vibe Tracy Beaker had going on. This right here is a group of sustainable kings.

6. Nathan’s suit was a cry for help

There is no denying that Nathan was the eye candy of the show. His whole vibe was quite cool, but this suit he wore made him look like the ick on legs. It’s definetely iconic but my god, it was so clapped.

Duke on the other hand looked dashing in his orange checked shirt, he’s a man who knows how to style himself.

7. This whole look was staggering

You can’t tell me these glasses aren’t iconic as fuck. Just look at them. They add a bit of mystery to Tracy, she’s a musical prodigy and we didn’t even know it. I can honestly say she successfully captured the jazz vibe and she knows exactly how to work it.

8. Elaine was the prettiest Tic Tac ever

I will always have a lot of respect for people who know what colours work for them – Elaine the Pain was one of those people. Albeit the orange collared blazer wasn’t her best choice but it was gracefully saved by combining it with the green polo.

It was an iconic fit but let’s be real, it would be nothing without her trusty lilac lip gloss.

9. Double denim never looked better

Double denim is typically avoided, it’s deemed unfashionable and weird. But our Cam defies all odds rocks the light blue wash jacket with some classic denim jeans. She’s definitely done this before because she looks impeccable.

Jenny looked wonderful in her red top too, it kind of matched with Cam’s and I’m so here for it.

Tracy is serving us major Dennis the Menace vibes, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t force my mum to buy me an identical polo shirt.

Not much to say about Ben other than he looks like a commuter I’d meet on the tube on my way into work. It’s nice but not very y2k.

10 . I wish I could look this cool

I’m just going to ignore the length of Bouncer and Justine’s trousers because they’re making me feel unwell. But what I will say is Bouncer’s reverse white stitching is very cool, looks like he’s copped his trousers from Urban.

Lol always looked like he was about to go on a DofE expedition but I’m not really mad about it. He was always iconic, and his outfits looked dead comfy so we can’t really knock it. Tracy’s top with the big red T was an excellent touch, it proved she was confident and self-assured so we can’t help but stan.

Justine’s tie die is also sick, she was honestly so consistent with her fashion through the whole five series. She needs to release a range with In the Style ASAP.

11. Elaine’s outfit was incredible from headband to toe

Okay first things first, this entire woman is iconiqué as fuck. She loved a polo shirt and the fact she had a matching headband is incredible. A true fashion icon who won her rightful place in the hearts of the nation. Her white tennis skirt was very cute, she looks like she could give Serena Williams a run for her money.

12. Obsessed with Justine’s F1 racer boy stripe

Justine Littlewood’s wardrobe belongs in a museum. She was the most aesthetically underrated character of all time and I’m willing to die on this hill. Just look at those iron on badges on her top with the racing stripe. Ugh. J’adore her.

13. The Wellards are TV and fashion royalty

The aesthetic of these three siblings is astonishing. Their exquisite fashion sense and coordination with one another is a force not to be reckoned with – they mean business. Their gothic vibe is so cool and there’s a lot of be said for Rio Wellard’s shit-hot bandana game.

14. Seeing Justine Littlewood wear these hoops changed my life

Justine looks like she’s just come back from a gap year and I am so obsessed. Her halter neck and the printed inspirational quote cannot be faulted. I’d also go as far to say her consistency with wearing hoops encouraged me to start wearing them too, she’s influenced thousands of people and shaped an entire generation.

We have to hate Rebecca purely because she was a major rat but I will give credit where credit is due. Her headband game is strong, the way it droops down into her hair is fun and it always looked like such a nice silky material. She radiates Tumblr and Taylor Swift cottagecore energy.

15. The wedding fits were everything

Alice looked like a bell ringer and Justine appears as though she’s just walked off the Pretty Little Liars set. That being said, I do think it’s the chaos of everything which makes them fit together so perfectly. Elaine’s floral two piece is high-class, real wedding attire that definitely steered eyes onto her and away from the bride.

Layla seems to be dressed in Kids Next, it’s wholesome and sweet. Whilst Roxy is just pure vibing, looking like she is actually going to a funeral. This whole set up is just so iconic.

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