You can’t call yourself a true Mamma Mia fan unless you get at least 30/35 in this quiz

Time to separate the Dancing Queens from the Waterloosers

Mamma Mia is undoubtedly the ultimate feel-good film of our time, shaping a generation with its classic Abba bangers and hilarious moments.

Remember when Donna and her mates sang Money, Money Money, and for some reason they ended up on a huge yacht with Donna’s outfit billowing in the wind? Who could forget Donna and Sam’s ridiculous Winner Takes It All duet or Sophie and Sky’s classic “shooting duck” beach scene?

When we thought Mamma Mia couldn’t outdo itself, the second film dropped and the unthinkable happened. Cher was going to be in it.

The best thing about Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again, in my humble opinion, is the way the only reason hotel manager Fernando actually exists is for the soul purpose of bringing Cher into a song at the end. Genius writing.

So far, we’ve tested your knowledge on the first film and told you which character you really are. Now, the time has come to truly separate the Dancing Queens from the Waterloosers, the super from the troupers, the one’s who’ll take it all and those who’ll tragically, be standing small.

What’s Sky’s surname? Where was the second movie filmed? What is Cher’s first line when she appears? That’s right. You’re about to be tested to your absolute limits.

Take this bumper Mamma Mia Trivia Quiz, incorporating questions from both films, to find out if you really are a true Mamma Mia fan.

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