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Quiz: How well do you really remember the first Mamma Mia film?

You deserve a medal if you know Sophie’s friends’ names

It’s been 13 years since the first Mamma Mia film came out and we all went to the cinema to watch it three times. But how well do you really remember the movie? It’s time to test your knowledge with our trivia quiz.

Though you probably remember every single word to all the songs featured in the movie, do you know how many were actually sung? And what about small details like the names of Sophie’s friends? Or the guy Tanya gets with in the end? He’s iconic and yet we all forget his name.

The questions aren’t all that obscure though. There’s questions on how many potential fathers Sophie has, which any good Mamma Mia fan would know in a heartbeat. It’ll also ask you about the name of the hotel Donna created and who offers to give Sophie away for her wedding first.

With 13 questions you’ll be able to test your knowledge and prove how well you really remember the random and obvious parts of the first movie.

 Take our Mamma Mia trivia quiz to see just how much you remember of the film:

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