If you can relate to 47/51 of these things then you were the rich friend in school

There was always a room in your house your mates weren’t allowed in

Everyone had a rich friend in school. They might not necessarily be the child of a millionaire, but they were definitely richer than the rest of your group. They were the ones with Disney Channel, always had new clothes for mufti day and of course had one of those fridges with an ice dispenser. If you’re feeling like you don’t think anyone in your group was like this, then chances are you were the rich friend.

You’re not necessarily spoilt or a Tory but there is a high chance you were more boujie than your pals. And being the rich friend at school automatically made you cooler. Everyone wanted to go to your house for sleepovers, despite the weird rules of not walking on a certain carpet.

You had all the gadgets everyone else wanted to try out, the house was always full of Waitrose snacks and your stationary selection was on point.

If you’re still doubting this was you, then this is every sign you were the rich friend of your group:

1. You used a Jack Wills or Abercrombie bag to carry your PE kit

2. You had a massive fridge with an ice/water dispenser in it

3. Your house had a separate room for watching TV just for you and your siblings

4. Probably called the snug

5. On the TV you had Nickelodeon and Disney Channel

6. Your bin was concealed in the kitchen, probably in a pull out drawer

7. You had a pantry that all your friends would hide in for hide and seek

8. It was also full of the best snacks, most importantly the Wagon Wheel

9. You were the first to get a Wii in your group

10. Ditto the BluRay player (side note, anyone still have no clue what the difference between a BluRay and a regular DVD player is?)

11. Your garden had some form of extensive playing frame

12. And you had a second fridge in the garage that was full of your parents’ booze

13. You had a walk in wardrobe

14. A gym or pool was likely in your house

15. Your parents had whole seasons of TV shows in DVD box sets

16. There’s a room in your house friends are never allowed to go in

17. You also had a strict do not walk on this carpet policy

18. One Christmas you were given a a robotic dog, that would compete with your real labrador for attention

19. You had one of those giant fuck off Macs

20. Which had every Sims expansion pack on it

21. You were always dropped off at school, you never got public transport

22. In a car that had a TV built in

23. Come September you would always whip out a new Pukka Pad

24. Obviously complete with a full pack of Staedtler fineliners that you did not want to share

25. You always got a new school bag every year

26. You always had something new to wear on mufti day

27. You also called it mufti day rather than non-uniform day

28. Your birthday parties were the event of the school year

29. Bare minimum was a Pizza Express party

30. And the best was pony riding with all your mates

31. You were always invited to everyone’s parties because you were known for giving the best presents

32. Sleepovers at your house were always the best

33. Mainly because of your extensive cereal selection the next morning

34. We’re talking Coco Pops Rocks not just regular Coco Pops

35. As you got older your house was the designated “getting ready pres” house

36. You would go on more than two holidays a year

37. At least one to Cornwall or Devon which housed your holiday home

38. And the other abroad

39. Therefore you were permanently tanned from all your trips

40. You probably had horse riding lessons at one point

41. Or tennis

42. For some reason you just know how to play the piano

43. You had actual Uggs not Primark replicas

44. You would get gifted something from Tiffany for special occasions

45. And had a new Pandora ring practically every week

46. You were always the first to get the new Hollister tops

47. And would bring out the Hollister spray in the changing rooms after PE lessons

48. But obvs would be very stingy about anyone else using it

49. “You can have one spritz Beth”

50. You’re probably called Poppy, Izzy or Sophia

51. And of course you have more than one middle name

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