zillennial checklist

You can only say you’re a zillennial if you relate to at least 59/65 of these things

You loved Bebo but had no clue what MySpace was


If you’ve ever felt trapped between the cringe of millennials and the coolness of Gen-Z then chances are you’re probably a zillennial.

Zillennials are a group of people who are born in the mid to late 90s who understand the cultural references of both millennials and Gen-Z. However there’s also experiences and references they just don’t get because they’re either too young or too old.

They don’t truly fit into either generation and so they can feel very left out because they have so many specific interests. They hate the word “doggo” but will happily eat avocado toast. They laugh at Friends but also can’t imagine wearing a side parting.

They look on at Gen-Z and millennials fighting and soon realise how lucky they are to be part of this micro generation. To be a true zillennial there is a set of things they have to relate to, a zillennial checklist if you will. There’s TV shows, music, fashion and online behaviours that only zillennials will really understand.

If you really think you’re a zillennial then I’m sorry but you need to relate to at least to 59/65 of these following things on the zillennial checklist:

1. Your early ICT lessons involved learning Microsoft Word and drawing on Paint

2. You had an iPod Nano but also know how to burn a mixed CD

3. You grew up watching the top tier Disney Channel shows – Hannah Montana, Suite Life of Zack and Cody and Wizards of Waverly Place

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4. You knew who Lizzie McGuire and Raven were but you just missed the shows at their prime

5. iCarly became a thing just as you got into secondary school so you pretended you didn’t watch it

6. But before that you were obsessed with H2O and Zoey 101

7. Tracy Beaker was your childhood icon

8. And you were desperate to go on Raven

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9. You definitely had a Nintendo DS that you played Nintendogs and Animal Crossing on all the time

10. And the Wii came out when you were about nine which meant you spent a lot of time on Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games

11. The same with Just Dance

12. When you went on long trips or holidays you would watch movies on portable DVD players, iPads were not a thing

13. The best McDonald’s Happy Meal toy were the dogs with the massive heads

14. You spent a lot of time on Club Penguin and Habbo Hotel

15. You probably got your first phone at the end of junior school

16. And then progressed to a Blackberry in mid secondary school

17. Instagram was slowly becoming a thing by the time you reached year 10

18. You and your mates were a big fan of a Valencia filter

19. You spent your time after school attempting to chat someone up over MSN

20. You know what Bebo is

21. But have no idea about MySpace

What is this?

22. On your weekend shopping trips you’d hit up Topshop, New Look and American Apparel if you were boujie

23. Now you shop on Depop, ASOS and Motel Rocks

24. Snapchat was everything during sixth form

25. But now you literally don’t have the app on your phone and give Gen-Z confused looks when they say it’s their main method of communication

26. Zoella was like your God

27. But now Molly-Mae is your go to gal for inspo

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28. You know how to use Tumblr

29. Your wall was covered in posters of Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and Justin Bieber

30. You actually remember first discovering Justin Bieber and thought he would marry you

31. You and your mates would have proper arguments over #teamedward and #teamjacob

32. She’s The Man, Wild Child, St Trinian’s, Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging were the best movies and still are tbh

33.You perfected the Hoedown Throwdown from the Hannah Montana movie

34. You were lucky enough to experience BlockBuster before it shut down

35. You had every Now! album going

36. And defo used Limewire to download songs

37. You know unfortunately know who this person is

38. You’re old enough to have listened to Taylor Swift’s album Fearless the first time round before she rereleased it

39. You were the first in your school to have Heelys and genuinely thought you were the coolest person to exist

40. You had glow in the dark stars on your bedroom ceiling and then upgraded to fairy lights when you reached uni

41. You definitely had some form of moustache clothing

42. The John Green books really spoke to you

43. You were around for the original Made in Chelsea, no one does it better than Spencer and Caggie

zillennial checklist

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44. You wore cracked nail varnish from Barry M and foundation lips

45. But you never went as far as doing blue eye shadow

46. You never understand how Gen-Z just skipped the bad makeup phase and silently curse them for having YouTubers to learn how to contour from

47. You’re a big fan of Glossier now

48. You feel repulsed if you hear the word “doggo”

49. Equally the same with “adulting”

zillennial checklist

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50. You know how to use TikTok

51. But feel incredibly old watching Addison Rae

52. You’re partial to a skinny jean

53. But also love a flare on a night out

54. You would never wear your hair in a side parting

55. You’ve genuinely considered launching a podcast

56. You find the whole Harry Potter obsession off putting,  I don’t care what house I’m in

57. Equally the Disney love is too much for you, pass the sick bucket seriously

58. You hate yourself for laughing at Friends because you know how questionable it is

59. A few of your friends have actually had babies and yet last week you killed another house plant

60. However you also have a job whereas some of your mates are still living it up on gap years

61. You’ve dabbled in veganism

62. You’ve considered getting a finsta

63. You’re into going to protests and actively share political recourses on your insta story

64. You know what the word “simp” means

65. You like avocado toast but not enough to post it on your Instagram

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