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Quiz: Can you guess the young Netflix star from their childhood photo?

They’ve been fun from an early age

When you love a Netflix series a little bit too much more than you probably should (so, all the time), your go-to straight after watching it is the Instagram profiles of all the cast. Whether or not you’re a serial Netflix actor stalker, or you just have a little scroll of their feed and then go, you might have stumbled upon some of the cute childhood pictures a lot of celebs share on social media – which could make this quiz a walk in the park for you.

Celebrities seem to love sharing their cute throwback snaps on Instagram, it’s like they want to prove it to use even further that they’ve been cooler than us since like, forever. But yeah, in the quiz below you will be faced with a whole bunch of cute pics of your favourite stars when they were all little and adorable. All you have to do is guess who they are. Which, if you’re a true fan, should be very, very easy for you.

Take this quiz to see if you can match the Netflix star to their childhood photo:

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All quiz photos via Instagram. Featured image via Netflix and Instagram @phoebedynevor