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Quiz: Can you guess which Netflix show these savage Google reviews are about?

Wow, people really don’t hold back

Do you ever sit and watch a Netflix show and then feel a sudden urge to go and write reviews on Google? No? Well it turns out a lot of people do.

Yep, Google is absolutely fit to bursting with savage reviews from people speaking their minds about some of the stuff they have watched on Netflix. Think one stars, blasting shows as “dreadful”, “cringe worthy” and “a train wreck”. There are the occasional five stars alongside “this show will change your life” of course, but they are pretty few and far between.

In the quiz below, we’ve taken some of the best and most ruthless of all these comments, and all you have to do is guess which series or film the person was talking about. Be prepared, because they don’t take any prisoners. Sorry in advance if anyone rips into your favourite comfort series.

Take this quiz if you can match which Netflix show or film these Google reviews are about:

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