VOTE: Which uni park is the best in the country?

Nothing beats a tinny in the park

Diss deadlines are fast approaching and exams are on the horizon, but this isn’t stopping anyone heading down to the park to soak up the sun and crack open some cold ones.

Whenever the temperature soars into double digits and the sun peaks from behind the clouds, every classic uni park from Edinburgh to Bristol is rammed full of students having a good time.

Take our poll at the end of this article and have your say on which uni park is officially the best in the country.

But first, what actually makes a good uni park?

General Vibe

best-park-in-the-country-vibe-summer-sun- uni

Just some students literally living their best life

When sourcing a good uni park, always be the sheep and never the shepherd. A good uni park has to be THE place everyone goes. If it’s not packed full of students, chances are the atmosphere will be dead and the vibe will off.

Proximity to a shop for restocking

I cannot stress how important this is.  If you’ve tentatively brought a fourpack and realised the vibes are just too good to abandon at 5pm, you’re probs going to need to restock.

Also, chances are you’re going to get hungry. A nearby takeaway or meal deal distributer will be necessary to help you keep those energy levels up.




When it come to parks, size doesn’t really matter. In fact, a smaller park can often provide more of a festival atmosphere.

Having said that, a bigger park allows for for a bit more privacy. In a spacious park, each UE Boom can be left to do its own thing without worrying about songs clashing with rival revellers.

Also, if you’re getting a game of football going with some nearby pretenders, chances are you’ll probably need some space, otherwise you’ll end up apologising for knocking people’s drinks over all afternoon.



Oooh London

A cracking view can really take a good park to the next level.

Body of Water

Like a good view, a lake, river or pond can add to the visual experience, maybe even giving you the opportunity for a swim.

Toilets nearby

One body of water you do not want, is the puddle forming by the hedge that has been nominated as the toilet for the day.

Public toilets nearby are absolutely essential for those who don’t want to brave the wee hedge, and can often be the key to increasing the amount of time you can stay in the park.

And who are the contenders?


Cocktails in cans

Leeds- Hyde Park

Just good vibes. Sooo close to houses and uni so it’s perfect for impromptu trips when you’re meant to be working. The piss bush is legendary. There’s an Indian restaurant on it and you can watch people skate.

Lizzy, Leeds Uni

Manchester- Platt Fields

It’s the happiest place when it’s sunny and everyone is out. Its proximity and the fact that it’s symbol for the students in Manchester, like, for us it’s The Park.
Alicia, Manchester Uni

Bristol- The Downs

It’s got space, views and is undoubtedly the best location for the sunset. There is plenty of room for everyone, whether you want a kick-about with your mates or bbqs and tinnies in the sunshine. The vibes are immaculate.

Nicola, Bristol Uni

Birmingham- Selly Park

Two full sized football pitches. Winestop is a 30 second walk away. I’s flat so you can see the bacon coming. Need I say more?

Freddie, Birmingham Uni

Durham- The Racecourse

The racecourse has iconic vibes and great views. You can sit on the banks of the river or on the cricket pitch behind and take in the cathedral. There’s plenty of space for activities and if you’re lucky you might be able to watch a game of cricket.

Joe, Durham Uni

London- Regent’s Park


Elite picnic blanket

It’s the everyman’s park. The vibes are immaculate whoever you are and I have literally never enjoyed a tinny more than when I’m sitting on the lush green grass of Regent’s or Primrose.

Cerys, UCL

Nottingham- Wollaton Park


Love a sunset

It’s got the views (even Warner Bros think so), absolutely elite vibes for a summer tinny and the deer are actually quite friendly.

Summer, Nottingham Uni

Cardiff- Bute Park

The scenery is unparalleled, vibes are immaculate and you see 80 per cent of the Cardiff student population every time you’re there. It’s full of cute puppies, a great place for a tinny, and is perfect for running if that’s your thing. Plus, you can see the hallowed Principality stadium from basically anywhere you sit.

Anna, Cardiff Uni

Belfast- Botanic Gardens


Daffodils looking on point

Huge green space for kicking around a ball very accessible for runners, it’s right on campus, accessible to the riverside and has tesco and coffee shops in walking distance.

Kyle, Queens Uni Belfast

Edinburgh- The Meadows

The vibes are just immaculate. It’s a stone’s throw away from the busiest student area to live in and equal distance from the library. What better way to avoid your work than to lounge in the sunshine surrounded by BBQs, music and pals? what’s not to love?

Laura, Edinburgh Uni

Southampton- Southhampton Common

It’s so good for drinks because it’s so big so it’s not like everyone cramped together and you’re allowed to have BBQs on it as well which is fun.

Sanjana, Southhampton Uni

Glasgow- Pollok park

There’s a stately home that looks like it is from a Jane Austen period piece.

Emilija, Glasgow Uni

Oxford- University Parks

There’s something so iconically Oxford about going to Uni parks on a sunny summer afternoon having a picnic with your mates. It’s also so nice for going on long walks and watching the sunset. In Trinity term it’s always packed with loads of people – there’s nothing that can beat it.

Anvee, Oxford Uni

Cambridge- Jesus Green

It’s such a pretty place to sit and has a really nice view of Cambridge! It’s also really central and one of the only green spaces in Cambridge so you’re bound to see everyone you know there in summer for a chat and a catch up (especially now we no longer have the cindies smoking area for that rip).

Sophie, Cambridge Uni

Sheffield- Bolehill Park

Bolehill is deffo the best uni park, the view is immaculate and you can fully see for miles.  Very friendly vibes, lots of dogs, and a chance of seeing that guy with the portable DJ decks and speaker banging out tunes.

Jake, Sheffield Uni

Lincoln- Lincoln Arboretum

The Lincoln Arboretum is all round good vibes. It’s so big there are no bad spots to relax in and you get people roller skating, and just having a good time.

Katelyn, Lincoln Uni

Loughborough- Queen’s Park

Not many other parks can boast having an avery , a huge carillon and even a Loughborough museum. It is also very nicely situated next to the jam garden – a fantastic venue.

Fin, Loughborough Uni

Lancaster- Williamson Park

Williamson has everything you want: woodland walks, greenery, water with the crown jewel of Ashton memorial. Perfect for a picnic, a walk with mates or for a run. Bit of a hike to get there, but worth the views.

Victoria, Lancaster Uni

Newcastle- Exhibition Park

It’s close to everywhere – the city centre, uni AND Jesmond, and is a big huge open space so you’re literally always in the sun. If that’s not enough, it’s also got a nice takeaway coffee place and, of course, Wylam Brewery for some top craft beer. Sit, watch the ducks and bask in the glorious Newcastle sun with your beverage of choice.

Bobby, Newcastle Uni

Liverpool- Sefton Park

Because it’s an absolute HUB you’re guaranteed to see everyone there, but on the other hand it’s so big with lots of nice hidden paths to walk down if you happen to see someone you’ve slept with, nice and convenient.

Rachel, Liverpool Uni

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