Take this quiz and we’ll tell you which University Challenge legend you are

You can’t all be Loveday

Another compelling series of University Challenge drew to a close on Monday night with Warwick taking home the ultimate prize.

Warwick came out all guns blazing, managing to successfully withstand a late charge by the Magdalene, Cambridge team.

The show left us confused, dazed, and once again, unable to answer a single question. But that’s okay because  you don’t watch University Challenge for the actual quiz. It’s all about the incredible array of characters.

University Challenge has had some pretty memorable contestants

Oscar Powell in the mix

Over the years there have been many standout contestants. In the 2015/16 series, Oscar Powell looked like he was in unbearable pain every time he tried to to squeeze out an answer from that massive brain of his. In 2017, Eric Monkman graced us with his oh-so-angry eyebrows and stern manner, but was finely counterbalanced by the soave sophistication of his teammate, Bobby Seagull.

There is no question, however, as to the most legendary contestant of all time. I am of course speaking about Ted Loveday. This part-time knitwear lover, full-time time quiz monster, was icy cold under pressure. In the final, he even got ten starter questions correct, carrying Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge to an iconic victory over Magdalen College, Oxford.

But it wasn’t his intellectual prowess that we fell in love with. No. It was of course what seemed like a premature answer to a question that Paxman had barely started. “HAPAX LEGOMENON.” Said Loveday. And with that, he had the hearts of a nation.

The sad fact is that we can’t all be the Lovedays of this world. Some of us are destined to be Seagulls and others Braids. So, take this quiz and we’ll tell you exactly which University Challenge legend you are.

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