This is how old the cast of The Irregulars on Netflix are in real life

Pretends to be shocked at 20-somethings playing teens

Here we are again, Netflix has given us yet another teen drama where the ages of the cast aren’t quite the same as their characters – this time with The Irregulars.

The series follows a bunch of young teens who live in Victorian London. They end up working for Dr Watson, solving some creepy crimes which are going on in the local area. The gang are known as The Irregulars, and are all teenagers in the series, with Bea celebrating her 17th birthday in the first episode. However, the cast members are pretty much all 20-somethings.

So here is how old the cast of The Irregulars are in real life, compared to their ages in the series.

Thaddea Graham – Bea

Age: 24

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Thaddea Graham plays Bea, the leader and brains behind The Irregulars. In real life, Thaddea is a Chinese-born Northern Irish actress. She is known as Hanmei Collins in the Sky One series Curfew and Iona in the Netflix series The Letter for the King. She was born in March 1997, so has just had her 24th birthday. In the series Bea has just turned 17, so Thaddea is seven years older than her character.

Darci Shaw – Jessie

Age: 18

Darci Shaw, Jessie, Netflix

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Actress Darci Shaw, who plays Bea’s younger sister Jessie, is 18 in real life. You might recognise Darci as one of the kids who went missing in the first series of The Bay. In the series, Jessie is younger than her sister, so probably around 15 or 16, meaning Darci is only a couple of years older than her character. Darci is the youngest in the cast.

Jojo Macari –  Billy

Age: 23/24

The Irregulars, cast, ages, Netflix, real life, characters, actor, Jojo Macari, Billy

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It’s not exactly known how old actor Jojo Marcari, who plays teenage Billy in The Irregulars, is. He was referenced as being 21 in an interview back in 2018, so given that would be 23 or 24 now – depending on where his birthday falls in the year. Jojo is a regular Netflix face, having played Kyle in Sex Education and Mogwan in Cursed.

Harrison Osterfield – Leo

Age: 24

Harrison Osterfield, Leo, Prince Leopold

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Harrison Osterfield is an actor and model and was born in 1996, making him 24 at the moment. Fun fact, in real life he’s besties with Tom Holland. Harrison plays Prince Leopold in The Irregulars and is the eldest of all those playing teens in the cast. The Prince is around the same age as Bea who is 17, so Harrison has around a seven year age gap with his character.

McKell David – Spike

Age: 23

The Irregulars, cast, ages, Netflix, real life, characters, actor, McKell David, Spike

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McKell David, who plays Spike, is 23-years-old. He was born in May 1997. Spike’s age isn’t referenced in the Netflix series, but he’s very close with Jessie so could also be one of the younger members of the gang.

Royce Pierreson – Dr John Watson

Age: 31

The Irregulars, cast, ages, Netflix, real life, characters, actor, Royce Pierreson, Dr John Watson

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Ok, so Royce Pierreson doesn’t play a teenager in the series, but you might be interested to know that the guy behind the mysterious Dr Watson is 31 in real life. He might recognise the actor, who was born in 1989, as Reece in Murdered by My Boyfriend or as part of the gang in the fourth season of Line of Duty.

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