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Just 23 reactions to *that* Glossier discount code saga

‘Maybe the real 50 per cent off Glossier code was the friends we made along the way’

The greatest thing in 2021 has happened – Glossier had a 50 per cent discount code offer and the gals of the Internet went collectively insane. The discount code offer circulated Twitter with many people sharing a very rare 50 per cent off code called “friendsofglossier”.

Glossier is known for rarely offering sales or discount codes apart from their annual Black Friday sale, and so naturally everyone on Twitter was beyond excited to be getting their Milk Jelly Cleanser for half off.

It’s still unclear where the offer has come from as Glossier has not promoted it, but whoever made the code, we want to say thank you. Sadly the offer has now expired and so if you managed to get your Boy Brow for £7, I’m extremely jealous as mine is currently sat in my basket at full price.

The discovery of the code, everyone sharing what they bought and the collective disappointment of finding out the code has expired has honestly been the most chaotic Friday morning I’ve ever had.

So to sum up everyone’s Glossier discount code journey enjoy these 23 reactions:

1. This is now my face

2. So much has happened in so little time

3. No money but glowing skin

4. This is me

5. Just want the code back

6. We really are all in this together

7. Seriously, who told them?

8. Emily must be one happy gal

9. I just love Glossier

10. Straight up vibin’ rn

11. No I just really want discounted Boy Brow

12. The 2021 version

13. Is this what it feels like to be a business person?

14. Never known disappointment like this

15. It was actual chaos

16. It was truly the gift we all deserved

17. Why am I like this?

18. No Futuredew for you guys

19. I am sadly in the latter half

20. What is work?

21. Same energy

22. Take my money, take it all

23. I’m gonna need a minute

Featured image credit before edits: Jake Nackos on Unsplash

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