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Which character from Ginny and Georgia on Netflix are you? Take this quiz to find out

Look, we can’t all be Max

The latest Netflix series everyone is talking about is Ginny and Georgia. Be it because of the weird “oppression olympics” scene, *that* Taylor Swift joke, or just because it’s easy trash to watch all night long – it’s shot straight into the Netflix top 10 list. So what do we get when we’re all bingeing a new series? The sudden urge to do a Ginny and Georgia character quiz? Your wish is my command.

There’s a lot to like in the characters in Ginny and Georgia, and plenty to dislike too. There are a few personalities which really stand out. Like the unapologetic, unsung hero that is Maxine (the best person in this whole series, period), or the take-no-bullshit, might have a few skeletons but I’m still a bad bitch which is Georgia. I’ve also deeply fallen for Marcus, and despite him having slight fuck boy tendencies, wish him all the happiness in the world. And then there’s Ellen, Joe and Austin – who all battle it out to be named the most wholesome people ever (disregarding when Austin stabs that boy at school, he was asking for it).

But which of these characters, and all the others, are you? All you have to do in the quiz below is answer 10 simple questions to find out the truth.

Take this quiz to find out which character from Ginny and Georgia you truly are:

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