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You can’t sit with us unless you find out which obscure Mean Girls character you are

I’m obviously Glen Coco

Let’s skip straight to it, you probably already know which of the Plastics in Mean Girls you relate to the most. You can watch the film and pretty much tell instantly if you’re a Cady, Regina, Gretchen or Karen. But there are a lot of classic people in the film who fade into the background – and these are just as relatable, if not more than, as the leading cast. So in this quiz, it’s time to find out which obscure Mean Girls character you truly are.

Should you be grabbing your Mathletes jacket and accepting you’re one of them? Are you a sensible voice of reason like Cady’s mom or Principal Duvall? How about a sporty popular guy like Shane Oman, or a Junior Plastic ready to be the next big thing? Some of us are happy to embrace the geeky wannabe in us and are Bethanys or Caroline Kraffts. But deep down, we all want to reach the dizzy heights of being the one and only Glen Coco.

You can only really and truly be one of these though, so now is the time to face the music and find out your fate.

Take this quiz to find out which obscure Mean Girls character you are:

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