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Which Mean Girls guy would you end up with? Take this quiz to find out

In his own words, you can’t touch Kevin G

In true iconic teen film fashion, Mean Girls is full of all different types of guys. You have the self-confessed nerd in Kevin G, the sports boy in Shane Oman, the fuck boy Jason and of course the heartthrob Aaron Samuels – and that’s just a few of them. So now, in this quiz is the time to truly find out which Mean Girls guy, out of all the many of them, is your soulmate.

Maybe it’s one of those? Maybe it’s Damian? Who knows, you might even be destined for Coach Carr, whatever that means. In the quiz below, all you have to do is answer 10 simple questions to find out your results. It’s based on science and is highly accurate, I promise. It’s time to get yourself a boyfriend ahead of the Spring Fling!

Take this quiz to find out which guy from Mean Girls you would get with:

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