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Only a cold, shiny hard plastic can get full marks in this Mean Girls quotes quiz

Grool !!

Just when we thought Netflix couldn’t grant any more of our wishes and attempt to save us all from the hellscape the last year has been, Mean Girls has been added. And we all know it’s one of the most quotable films to have ever been created. So as you inevitably sit back an rewatch the movie over and over again, you should be able to ace the following Mean Girls quotes quiz.

Are you a cold, shiny, hard plastic? Totally fetch? Or do you not even go here, and put in more of a performance that will make us all get chlamydia and die? To be honest, you either know your stuff or you don’t. So whilst you try and prove yourself as a true mean girls fan, I’m going to get cheese fries.

Get in loser, and take this quiz to see how well you truly remember the most iconic Mean Girls quotes:

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