you had to be there memes

These 27 you just had to be there memes will hit you right in the nostalgia

Bring back summer 2018

Twitter has been very nostalgic this weekend with everyone sharing you had to be there memes which sum up all of our longing for better times.

The “you just had to be there” memes were first posted on Friday and people are sharing four photos for things they’re nostalgic for. These include original iPhone games, Love Island and Turkey Twizzlers.

The funniest of the memes are essentially the ones that sum up peak British culture, such as Gary Barlow having a go at Tulisa for her “fag ash” breath courtesy of the Love of Huns Twitter account.

These are the 27 funniest you had to be there memes:

1. This season was elite

2. How was this a decade ago?

3. OG iPhone games just hit different

4. Kinda want one these now

5. Still not over it Jamie

6. What is Freshers without YikYak?

7. Honestly this moment deserved a BAFTA

8. Bratz over Barbie anyday

9. What a summer

10. Arguably the greatest musical of all time


12. They don’t make shows like this anymore

13. Justice for White Maltesers

14. Ok so I just really love Love Island

15. Wanna go back to these days

16. Wait, am I missing school rn?

17. This really was a cultural moment

18. Rainbow Fairies should have won the Booker Prize

19. *Sobs*

20. We really thought this was the look

21. And this was a personality

22. Someone bring back the Cheetah Girls

23. Thank god this era is over

24. Oh the drama

25. Why do I feel 14 again?

26. They don’t make them like this anymore

27. My life peaked at this moment

Featured image credit before edits: Katie Harp on Unsplash

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