gilmore girls difficult quiz

You found our last Gilmore Girls trivia quiz too easy, so this one is twice as hard

Only true fans will get full marks

The last time we created a Gilmore Girls trivia quiz we were told it was too easy, so here we go, we’ve created the most difficult Gilmore Girls trivia quiz yet. You’re welcome.

Honestly I will be impressed if anyone will be able to get full marks on this quiz. The thirteen questions are designed to divide the true fans from the occasional watchers on Netflix.

The questions ask about obscure things like how fast it took Mitchum to run a mile in college and what the actual name of Jess’ book is. There’s also questions about key dates in the show and the many young men Lane’s parents try and set her up with in the early seasons of the show.

Seriously, only Paris Geller is smart enough to get full marks on this difficult Gilmore Girls trivia quiz:

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