Christine Quinn, pregnant, baby, Selling Sunset

Christine Quinn is reportedly pregnant with her first child!

Reports say the pregnancy will be documented in season four of Selling Sunset

Selling Sunset star Christine Quinn is reportedly pregnant with her first child.

Sources close to her and her husband, Christian Richard, have told TMZ she “is well past her first trimester in the pregnancy.” There’s no word on whether she is expecting a boy or a girl, but Christine has told People Magazine she “cannot wait to be a mom”.

She said: “We happily can share the news that we are going to be parents! I’m a firm believer in manifesting my dreams and ’til this day, have always done so. This beautiful pregnancy was manifested. We knew that we wanted to create a family in 2021 and I envisioned myself pregnant as I did my daily meditations.

“We are so grateful to be expecting our first child. I’m so ready for what this next chapter holds and cannot wait to be a mom!” She added that she has been craving pizza, fresh fruit and Dr Pepper.

Christine and Christian’s marriage was in December 2019 and was featured in the season three finale of Selling Sunset on Netflix. She married the tech millionaire in a gothic winter wonderland themed ceremony, where she wore a black dress.

According to reports, the pregnancy will be a big storyline in season four – when it finally gets released. So if we needed any more reasons to need more episodes of Selling Sunset ASAP, here we are.

If the baby is anything like it’s mum, it’s about to be an absolute icon.

This article will be updated as more information becomes known.

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