QUIZ: Which Bridget Jones character are you?

Maybe we are all more Daniel Cleaver than we would like to think

Bridget Jones is within all of us. From the embarrassing date stories, to that Playboy bunny costume and being a tremendously bad cook; we can all relate to Bridget in one way or another. But despite such a relatable and lovable lead, the Bridget Jones saga is full of a handful of totally cool and hilarious characters that we all somehow wish we could be. But which one are you, really?

Are you endlessly and undoubtedly the desperate-for-love Bridget? Or are you the confident, sexy, bit of a player Daniel Cleaver? Does your attitude to life represent the cool, whatever happens happens attitude of Shazza? Or are you unashamedly as serious as Mark Darcey?

How far would you go to impress your crush? Would you overplay your skiing ability just for a weekend in their company? What lengths would you take to advance your career? Perhaps we are all more Daniel Cleaver than we would like to think.

Don’t be silly Bridget, take this quiz below to find out which Bridget Jones character you really are.

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