Every necessary life lesson we learned from Bridget Jones’ Diary

Everyone needs granny pants every once in a while


After 12 long years of waiting, the third film in the Bridget Jones’ saga (Bridget Jones’s Baby) hits the cinemas in the UK next Friday. So to celebrate,  it’s only right we look back at some of the very important life lessons Bridget has imparted on us all.

It’s OK to be single

We see Bridget in and out of relationships over the course of the two films so far, with it seemingly continuing into the next installment. However, she shows that you can be happy without a man, even if she does spend a lot of her single life belting out Celine Dion’s “All by myself” and drinking copious amounts of alcohol. She learns to value herself and with help from her friends shows she’s no one’s mug.

First impressions aren’t everything

When Bridget first met Mark Darcy, he was wearing a knitted Christmas jumper, and was actually a bit of a dick. However, once she scratched the surface and they spent time together they discovered they got on very well. And while her long sought-after boss Daniel Cleaver had a suave, slick ulterior, he was in fact a scumbag with a sex addiction. Stay away from the bad boy type, it will only end in tears. Go for the idiots with the shit jumpers instead.

The squad is everything

Bridget wouldn’t be anywhere without her friends, who are on hand to help with anything from dating mishaps, to deciding what outfits give her optimum sass for fancy events. More than anyone else, you squad are the people who will be there for you, when no one else is. Lads come and go but friends stay. Although they can be brutal at times, Bridget’s friends are the perfect example of the kind of people you should surround yourself with.

Always check the dress code before going to a party

Even if you don’t turn up dressed as a playboy bunny to your Aunt’s garden party, it’s always a good idea to check what vibe a party or special occasion is going to have. You don’t want to turn up to your mate’s 21st in jeans and some battered Superstars whilst everyone else is in a little black dress and stilettos. But I mean yeah, it’s usually just jeans and a nice top.

Know your worth (and don’t shag your boss)

We see Bridget completely pie off her boss, Daniel Cleaver, after she walks in to his house to find a naked woman in his bathroom. He insists she should remain at her job but she tells him “I’d rather have a job wiping Saddam Hussein’s arse”. Which brings me to to two very important lessons: know your worth and do not ever shag your boss.

Even if he is Hugh Grant before he got creepy, it will not end well. You’re better off finding a nice responsible lad who will value you for who you are (even if he does have to bust you out of a Thai prison because you’ve been caught drug smuggling).

It’s OK to wear granny pants 

So comfy

Whether it’s your time of the month, or you just need to suck in that food baby caused by an overindulgence at Nando’s, Bridget showed us it’s OK to ditch the g-strings.