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Prove you really love Bridgerton by getting full marks in this trivia quiz

This is your time to SHINE

By now, everyone has watched Bridgerton – so I bet you think you could breeze through a trivia quiz and remember every last bit of our favourite regency era drama like you were actually part of the cast.

But how well were you actually paying attention to the ins and outs of the scandalous drama and family plot lines that were happening during the series? Did you get too distracted swooning over the hot Duke of Hastings (same honey, same)? Or were you glued to the screen like your heart depended on it?

In the quiz below there are 13 trivia questions all about Bridgerton – from famous quotes to naming some of the lesser known characters. So if you think you know the life and times of Daphne, the Duke and everyone in between – you’ll definitely get full marks. Sorry in advance if this exposes you as nothing but a fake fan.

Take this Bridgerton trivia quiz and prove you are a fully fledged member of the Ton:

Bridgerton is available on Netflix now and has been renewed for second series coming soon! For all the latest Netflix news, drops, quizzes and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook. 

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