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Bridgerton cast finally address what happened to the necklace the Prince gave Daphne

Honestly I’ve been thinking about this moment since I saw it

One part of Bridgerton on Netflix has left us all with the same burning question – that damn necklace. Since the episode where Prince Friedrich gifts Daphne the mega expensive necklace, only for her to rip it off and just leave it on a wall, it seems like everyone has lost the plot over it.

Are we ever going to find out what happened to it? Did Cressida steal it? WHY OH WHY did the Bridgerton writers not conclude this pretty obvious plot hole? I NEED ANSWERS.

In episode four, the Prince gives Daphne the necklace which is said to be so expensive that her mother even says she probably shouldn’t wear it to the ball. Daphne later storms out the ball and discards it on a bridge outside and it’s never seen again, like it never even existed.

Theories on Twitter think Cressida Cowper, who was desperate to be a Princess so was quite livid at the Prince chasing Daphne over her, went to the bridge and stole the necklace. The Bridgerton cast appeared on the latest episode of The Netflix Afterparty and answered all of our burning questions – including addressing what happened here.

In the episode, London Hughes reads out a question which reads: “What happened to the Prince’s necklace that Daphne left in the garden? There’s a theory that Cressida Cowper took it, sold it on the black market, who knows? But really, what happened?” Phoebe Dynevor, who plays Daphne, answers with: “I don’t know what happened. And I never flagged this on the day. I just, I don’t know what I was thinking. Maybe Cressida Cowper has it. I think she has it. Yeah. She’s stolen it.”


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