The Cabins: Which of the couples are actually still together?

Charlotte and Sarah are loved up

The Cabins is finally over, and if ITV is good at doing anything it’s ruining the entire series for us with a reunion show of cringeworthy proportion. If ever there was a justification for why shows like these shouldn’t exist, David Potts in painted golden wellies ought to be the main one. Or how about when they got Jordan to sing that song about his experience in his cabin? The whole thing was a nightmare from start to finish, but at least they made good on their promise of telling us which couples made it.

And that brings us to today where, luckily for you, I’ve plucked the information directly from the episode so you don’t have to go back through to find out who made it! So, from Charlotte and Sarah to Ryan and April, here are all the couples that are still together from ITV’s The Cabins.

Charlotte and Sarah

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Perhaps the main focus of last night’s (car crash) show was the relationship between Charlotte and Sarah, who hadn’t seemed to have spent more than a day apart since leaving the cabins. After dramatically seating them apart in the studio, it was revealed that they were in a full-blown relationship, having met the in-laws and all.

However, this certainly wasn’t the end of it, as there was a particularly arse-clenching moment where Sarah confesses her love for Charlotte on air. The whole thing was so awkward and I think I’ll need acupuncture for how much my back tensed up witnessing such cringe.

Nathan and Alex

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Nathan never wanted to open up about his feelings in The Cabins and seemed to tiptoe around Alex, but in last night’s reunion show it was revealed that the two are still in a relationship, despite not looking particularly close.

However, moving over to Nathan’s Instagram page where he did a Q&A for fans, it seems that this didn’t last long, for since the reunion show was recorded, the couple have now gone their separate ways.

In another question, he also revealed that he and Alex weren’t asked to appear on the show and that it was only filmed last week!

April and Ryan

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These two were a strange pairing to say the least, and not an episode would go by without wanting to scream at the telly for Ryan to just make a move. However, once they discussed becoming more intimate and April literally had to throw herself at him, things started to go pretty well and it was revealed on the reunion show that the couple are still seeing each other!

Filming a special segment in which they seemed very cosy with one another, the two models looked very loved up and very photogenic.

Andras and Liam

Andras, a costume supervisor, and Liam, a student and Build a Bear employee, had a slightly rough road on the basis that Andras had never been with anyone before, but that didn’t stop them from becoming close.

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Okay, maybe the two aren’t together together, but they certainly seem pretty close for friends. Although there was no intimacy, they certainly had a great time with one another and it genuinely seemed if it weren’t for Liam’s apprehension over Andras never having had a kiss let alone anything more, the two would’ve sent sparks flying.

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