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We’re only four days into 2021 and yet we’ve already been blessed with a new reality show. The Cabins is ITV2’s latest dating show and features 12 singletons looking for love and all their Instagrams are banging and ready for you to stalk.

The new dating show pairs up two strangers who have to stay together in a cabin for 24 hours before being given the chance to decide to pair up or “check out” of the cabin once the day is up.

Basically it’s a really intense way to get to know a date and I cannot wait for the chaos it’s going to bring. The 12 contestants feature a student, ex-Disney World worker and a guy with the biggest muscles I think I’ve ever seen.

You’re gonna be obsessed and this is where you can follow them all on TikTok and Instagram:

Abraham Bunga

via Instagram @abrahambunga

Instagram: @abrahambunga

TikTok: @abrahambunga1

Abraham is one of the youngest contestants on The Cabins and yet the architecture student already has over 8,000 followers on Instagram.

The 21-year-old mainly reposts videos from his TikTok profile, but he does occasionally post photos with his mates Mike and Priscilla from last year’s Love Island.

Speaking of his TikTok, Abraham has over 12k followers and received 140k likes across his videos, which are pretty funny. Oh and he also talks about his major crush on Joanna from Love Island in a few of the videos.

Holly Burns

via Instagram @hollyburnss

Instagram: @hollyburnss

TikTok: @hollyburnss

Makeup artist Holly Burns is so far the most followed of The Cabins cast with over 90k followers on Instagram.

Her profile is full of classic fit influencer shots and it’s clearly got some people’s attention as Holly has said she’s had a few celebs slide into her DMs.

Holly has 9,000 followers on TikTok and does a mix of styling videos and jokes videos such as her dressing up as Joe Exotic.

Mamudo Dabo

via Instagram @mamudodabo10

Instagram: @mamudodabo10

TikTok: @mamudodabo

Mamudo is a 23-year-old footballer who has just over 3,000 followers on Instagram. There he usually posts pictures with his family and friends.

Mamudo is also on TikTok where he’s received nearly 100k likes across his videos which are mainly videos of him acting and joking around. However he hasn’t posted a TikTok since June.

Robyn Darbyshire

via Instagram @robyn_darbyshire

Instagram: @robyn_darbyshire

TikTok: @robyndarbyshire

Robyn is a 26-year-old sales executive who is obsessed with football. Her Instagram page has just over 1,000 followers and she mainly posts pictures of herself and her mates.

Her Instagram also features a screenshot of her appearance on another ITV2 dating show Singletown last year. Jess has a TikTok but so far has only posted three videos, although one did receive over 30k views.

Jess Evans

via Instagram @jessevansxx

Instagram: @jessevanssxx

24-year-old Jess has a very colourful Instagram account, which makes complete sense as she used to work at Walt Disney World but now works at a bingo hall. I love her already.

She has just over 1,000 followers on her Insta and posts fun pics of her and her mates.

Sarah Hutchinson

via Instagram @sarahhhutchinson

Instagram: @_sarahhhutchinson

TikTok: @_sarahhhutchinson

Sarah will make up one half of a same sex couple on The Cabins. The 26-year-old has over 10k followers on Instagram. Sarah describes herself as a model, actress and fitness trainer, and her Insta is full of modelling shots.

She’s also on TikTok where she has nearly 10,000 followers, Sarah posts gym videos and many lip sync TikToks.

Tom Maude

via Instagram @tmaude94

Instagram: @tmaude94

Tom is a property investor from Leeds and has just over 1,000 followers on his Instagram account. He mainly posts lots of selfies and gym shots of him, so he’s basically like every other guy you’ve seen on Tinder.

Sofia Mayers

via Instagram @sofia_mayers1

Instagram: @sofia_mayers1

TikTok: @sofia_mayers1

21-year-old Sofia is the other youngest contestant on The Cabins and her Instagram is full of modelling shots. She has over 3,000 followers and posts fairly frequently.

Sofia is also on TikTok where she post modelling videos and videos celebrating black girls.

Will McGregor

via Instagram @will.mcgregor

Instagram: @will.mcgregor_

Will is one of the oldest people entering The Cabins and looks like he’d fit right in to TOWIE. He’s got a pretty active Instagram with nearly 8,000 followers.

He has a LOT of posts with his mates and plenty of shots in boujie looking locations. And of course he’s been to the classic places like Dubai, Ibiza and Madrid which are all saved to his highlights.

Olivia Precious

via Instagram @livprecious

Instagram: @livprecious

TikTok: @oliviaprecious

Olivia’s Instagram has a classic influencer in training look to it. Her profile is full of festival pics, selfies and for only posting from 2018 she’s already amassed over 4,000 followers.

She’s also on TikTok where she equally has around 4,000 followers.

Joel Rees

via Instagram @joeljoshuarees

Instagram: @joeljoshuarees

TikTok: @joeljoshuarees4

22-year-old Joel is looking for a girl who isn’t glued to her phone, but from the looks of his Insta he’s pretty into his. Joel has just over 1,000 followers and reguarly posts shirtless selfies. He also posts the occasional throwback to his time on another ITV2 show – Dress To Impress.

Joel is on TikTok as well where he has nearly 800 followers and mainly posts dance videos.

Charlotte Taundry

via Instagram @charlottetaundry

Instagram: @charlottletaundry

The last of The Cabins cast is 29-year-old Charlotte, who has over 8,000 followers on Instagram. On her profile she has shared a lot of selfies and cool outfit pictures.

The Cabins starts on ITV2 tonight (Monday 4th) at 9pm. For all the latest gossip, memes and updates follow The Holy Church of Love Island on Facebook. 

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