real housewives of salt lake city net worths

Ranked: Who is the richest of all the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City?

I just wanna know how Mary has all those houses


The latest edition to Bravo’s Housewives franchise is the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, and just like every other series, it is full of rich women.

The show hasn’t even finished its first season and yet we’ve already seen excessive displays of wealth. Meredith’s outfits, Jen’s insane parties and of course Mary’s many, many houses that are full of designer clothes.

And we’ve also see the women hard at work, seriously is Lisa Barlow’s phone super glued to her hand? So we know that unlike some other housewives these women graft for what they’ve got in the bank.

But how much is actually in their bank accounts? Well these are the net worths of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City and wow, they are loaded:

Meredith Marks – $1million

real housewives of salt lake city net worths

via Instagram @meredithmarks

Easily the most well dressed housewife ever, Meredith Marks actually has the smallest net worth of the Salt Lake City gang. However at $1million, I wouldn’t mind even half of her net worth.

Meredith has made her fortune from her jewellery company which includes pieces that have been worn by Rihanna, Courtney Cox and Gabrielle Union.

Heather Gay – $1.7million

real housewives of salt lake city net worths heather

via Instagram @heathergay

Everyone’s favourite Salt Lake City housewife, Jen, has spoken openly on the show about finally being financially independent following the divorce from her husband.

She co-founded a spa called “Beauty Lab + Laser” which is her main source of wealth. On one episode of Real Housewives, Jen and her co-founder, discuss finally taking a salary from the company, which must have worked out well as she has an estimated net worth of $1.7million.

Jen Shah – $3million

via Instagram @therealjenshah

The chaotic Jen has a team of assistants, which makes sense has she has so many businesses to run.

Jen is the CEO of three companies – JXA Fashion, Shah Beauty and Shah Lashes. Her husband, Sharrieff, will also have contributed to the family’s net worth with his career as a NFL coach.

However Jen’s wealth may come into question as she has been charged with conspiracy to commit fraud and money laundering, alongside her assistant Stuart Smith.

The two have been accused of running a US wide fraud scheme since 2012. Most of the alleged victims of the scheme are over 55 years old. Jen could face many years in jail as “conspiracy to commit wire fraud in connection with telemarketing” can carry up to 30 years in jail.

Whitney Rose – $3million

via Instagram @whitneywildrose

Right ngl I didn’t realise Whitney had a job, I just thought she was on her pole all day. Anyway, Whitney has a cool reported net worth of $3million thanks to her beauty business.

Whitney is the owner of skincare line Iris + Beau. She also comes from a powerful Mormon family, so there’s probably some inherited wealth there as well.

Mary Cosby – $5million

real housewives of salt lake city net worths mary

via Instagram @mary_m_cosby

Mary Cosby is a mystery, how did she get all those clothes and many, many houses? Well, Mary reportedly has a net worth of $5million and the majority of it comes from her inheritance from her grandmother.

Along with a husband, Mary also inherited homes, salons and restaurants. Mary’s husband, who was married to her late grandmother is reported to have a net worth of $20million.

Lisa Barlow – $5million

via Instagram @lisabarlow14

Is it any surprise that the woman who is constantly on her phone is the one with the biggest net worths of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City? Well Lisa clearly knows working hard pays off as she has a net worth of $5million.

Lisa owns a marketing company, a tequila brand called Vida and just started the men’s grooming products line “Fresh Wolf” with her kids. A few years ago Lisa was interviewed by Forbes about Vida, so you know the money must be good.

Featured image credit: Bravo

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